DJ Die Circus Warp mixtape from 1992

Thanks for the link, Luc! Enjoying it now.

(See comments for download address).

DJ Die went on to become a drum and bass producer and founder member of the Full Cycle record label.  The Full Cycle and Dope Dragon labels sprang out of Circus Warp’s own label WTP (Where’s The Party At?).

There’s also a great Circus Warp mix by Sparks and Martian which can be found here: Part 1 and here:  Part 2 ,  and a slamming Easygroove Funny Farm Circus Warp tape which can be found here.


11 Responses to “DJ Die Circus Warp mixtape from 1992”

  1. Tony Leda Says:

    I’ve got this on cd and the original tape. Email me if ya want at and I’ll email it to you.

  2. Luc Says:

    here you go – DJ Die – Circus Warp 92


  3. Hamish Says:

    Thanks a lot – a really fantastic mix, and not just an anthem-fest like so many mixtapes! Very much on the ‘jungle techno’ tip, and interesting to hear where DJ Die’s sound developed from. I think the whole Full Cycle crew were influenced a lot by the South West free party culture.

    By the way, the link to the Sparks and Martian mix is down – any chance of posting it here???!!!

  4. watermouse Says:

    does anyone have the tommy b mix from circus warp

    also any eze love /ufo club mixes
    if you do could you post links here thanks

  5. Hamish Says:

    Thanks a lot! I remember a few good Circus Warp tapes back in the day – a good one by Shane & Jamie, a great one by Bendy Billy and an AMAZING one by Tommy B – but I don’t remember hearing this one.

    I’d love any leads on other free party tapes 😉

  6. Joel Says:

    I would give both of my eyes for a copy of The Tommy B tape, It was called “If There’s A Cure For This” .


    Someone else mentioned this tape, we’ll put up a post asking if anyone knows about it 🙂

  7. Tommy B Circus Warp mixtape- “If There’s A Cure For This” from 199? -help us find it! « UK Free Parties and Free Festivals 1990-1994 Says:

    […] See this thread for other Circus Warp mixes: […]

  8. Ozz Says:

    Circus warp! My first ever parties!!! thanks fellas, Cant wait to hear the mixes. I was thinkin’ you’d merged into SP23 etc.

  9. AntiGurner Says:

    Shit I just fizzed my pants, had the DJ Die tape for years before it wandered, I’m definitely falling off the wagon tonite!!

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