Virus, Jiba, U.N.Sound, Large Salad Disco soundsystems

If anyone has any photos, flyers etc, send them to us as email attachments (our address : freepartypeople (at) and we’ll upload them as soon as we can 🙂

See comments section below for accounts of parties by these crews (we never went to any 😦 ).

More pics from Eric- thanks!  (UPDATE 15.11.10):

ANOTHER UPDATE, 11.11.10: Jake sent us this lot. Thanks!

UPDATE 8.11.10: Here  are some pics Eric sent us (thanks!). There are more on the way I think 🙂

Here are some flyers we’ve had kicking around for a while. If anyone has any memories about these raves leave a comment 🙂


44 Responses to “Virus, Jiba, U.N.Sound, Large Salad Disco soundsystems”

  1. Mark Says:

    First time i heard of Jiba was at a tekno festival just outside Hostomice in the Czech Republic in July 1996. They were playing late 80s oldskool in the sunday morning sun, its just a shame i wasnt dancing..

  2. Jerome Hill Says:

    Yes.. Hostomice ’96.. We were driven out in the Jiba van by simon aka spiral’s crystal distortion with a smuggled passportless mr. fingaz hidden behind a bassbin and simon’s fridge (live set rack) in the back.. I remember acid being taken and i somehow managed to spend all my money on the autobahns before we even got to czech… I was resident on Jiba along with others such as Paul V, Boney Slackburn, Vikki ITA and Jimmy Fingaz (who was also involved in Large Salad Disco (now Dressing)) and i’d like to say Kudos to you Mr. Blogger for upping these flyers as they were ‘the good times’ for me and for many others and you don’t hear too much about these parties anymore.. I remember Hostomice very well and yes, we always used to go against the ‘strict’ music policies of the times and annoyed shouts of ‘where’s the gabba’ weren’t uncommon.. Around when everyone started going more ‘acid techno’ Jiba went more acid house/chicago house and anything else that could rock a dancefloor without resorting to nosebleed fast techno.. Plus there’d usually be a sunday morning disco/funk session at many of the london parties too.. Especially from 94 – 97 Jiba and Virus used to be out every saturday almost without fail putting on great parties in london and often collaborating with other rigs such as Immersion, Chiba city, Dubious and Vox Pop.. Oh , and all these flyers were (obviously) lovingly drawn by Jiba Jake. Respect!

  3. Tim Says:

    Wow! These flyers really bring back memories for me. I went to JIBA parties every Saturday throughout ’95 in London, and they were definitely some of the best I’ve been too. I also remember going to an outdoor event that JIBA did. It was in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, and I think it was the summer of ’94 (one of the first post Criminal Justice Bill parties). I remember it being really difficult to get into as the police had cordoned off the entire area with an exclusion zone. But someone with an extremely detailed OS map of the area and a pair of bolt croppers later, we had cut through a farmers gate and we were in! Going back to the music policy, I remember an extremely chilled dub reggae set on the JIBA rig being played in the morning. I also remember going to a JIBA party in a squatted house in the middle of Highgate wood in London.

    Good Times indeed! Big up to everyone who made those parties what they were!

  4. Tufty McGrufty Says:

    Oh boy, where do I start?

    I actually got some more LargeSalaD/JIBA flyers…

    I would like to say… I have loads of memories, but seriously… how much skunk? How many Pills? And that was before we even thought about the K and Acid!!!

    I was there though. I remember that. Awesome! Just a small bunch of hardcore ravers refusing to give it up.

    Respect to Jerome and all the other survivors.

    Love to you all.

    x x x

  5. Tufty Says:

    Here’s some more flyers..

  6. Tufty Says:


  7. Tufty Says:

    Fuck it… how do upload images then?

    • freepartypeople Says:

      One of your images worked, but we didn’t get any other links from you. If you want you can just email them to us at freepartypeople at yahoo dot co dot uk and we’ll stick them up for you 🙂

  8. toma Says:

    hi tufty i tried to contact you on your phone but no answser… still up for a mission to gaza? bring that fuckin techno vibe to the palestinian people… i’m really up for it, got vehicule, medic stuff, supply, bit of sound equipment…. contact me …. rave on!!!

  9. Tufty Says:

    Ok I’ll send the pics when I get back to London. been in Europe.

    Toma… as for Gaza, I’ve been told that we can make a festival there, I was given the number for the Interior Minister in charge although as I said, I’ve been away. You can leave a contact number with S.U.F. or Kinetec on 0044 208 533 1717/1777 and I’ll call you.

    Otherwise my UK no. is back on.

    peas…xx x

  10. derek aka gromit Says:

    I went to many partys around this time i use to help neil lobestir as well as toe to head rig now called out of order I remember one party lending my mixer to jake for the rig for the night but so many good times and interesting moments nice memorys and few not so being battoned one night when we where trying to get the hackney pool hall open after a clossed down party at an old dole office some place else mm
    perhaps i shouldnt asked a lady copa if she stuck batterys in her baton lol live n learn respect

  11. ANT Says:

    Wow…thanks for putting these up. As Tufty and Jerome say (ello lads)…plenty of good memories and mad, mad times. I remember playing at all of these except I can’t place the Halloween Office party!?! Memory’s not as good these days.
    @Tim…Thanks for reminding me about the Highgate Wood party…. hahaha.

  12. voxpop.phil Says:

    wow…truly fucking great to find this web site again….big love to all dem crew from back in the day..diesels, Jiba, bedlam, UNSound Virus, vox pop…we were fucking ‘avin it!!!!!!!!!

    One Love


  13. Brian Says:

    I used to go to a lot of those parties, I had a crap rig that I’d set up in small rooms and bars at parties but things kept breaking and I didn’t bother after a while. We were asked to help set up the parties at the old Eazy Studios near Pentonville prison, Jiba did the huge main room I think, we did some parties at an old dairy in Hackney with Jiba too. This was in 2004, I went to tons of other parties they did after that, they had a place in the middle of the park in Holloway and there were huge post-party sessions there a few times. I was at the Hostomice gig too, I remember Jake getting really pissed off cos one of his crew broke a mirror at the hotel in Prague so they all got kicked out, he was almost in tears as he’d been up for days at the party and really wanted some sleep! Anyway, good times, don’t think I ever went to any parties like that after 2002 as I left the UK and I’m 10,000 km away now. I’m involved with a crew who are putting on some major international acts in the near future, but it not exactly the same thing…

  14. Eric Pearce Says:

    Hello, i used to be part of Virus, with Gomez,Rita,Maff,billy,ear bleed, amongst many others,brilliant times,some of the parties were just to surreal to be true…..Hackney snooker hall one New years eve,isle of dogs,city road,holloway.Bedlam partys at the rocket !(what a rig)Many happy memorys,Jibba Jake of course,Vox pop Alex(where are you big man?).Have photo’s if someone want’s to e mail me with a way of uploading them.Reclaim the streets partys,1994 criminal justice bill,shit man London was rocking for us then,didn,t get on with lawrie immersion,arrogant little shit.Even met my wife there!!,(still married, 4 kids)Virus still has our rig,packed away in a garage!!!!!,all to lazy to do anything about it.i,m feeling all nostalgic now,anyway please someone e mail me with instructions on uploadingkeep it real

    • Jake MacPherson Says:

      Easy Eric! Good to hear from you mate! But chill with the off-slagging, dude:
      Past is past, what’s the point in dragging up bad vibes? Sometimes people come over badly to others, I know I definitely did, but I wasn’t TRYING to be a James Blunt, people just saw what they wanted to or imagined they’d been treated..
      All da best matey, stay in touch? The Jake formerly known a Jib ¦-P

      • Elaine Says:

        I guess I’m a little late in finding this. But: I just wanted to say whilst all the above glowing comments are justly deserved, no one has any right to say what any one person in this scene can or cannot say about another. On the whole, we all remember the good over the bad, but if someone’s got something bad to say, why not say it? This isn’t a dictatorship.

        I’ve just been writing about parties for a decade and a half and I do get so very tired of people saying that it’s “NOT ALLOWED” to remember the bad things along with the good. Even Tony bloody blair wouldn’t dare silence his critics: why should the squat party scene lower itself beneath his level and insist upon 1000% good comments all the time?

        This is reality. Not just the good things you want to remember, but all the things that we all remember, good and bad. I think it’s a bit cheeky to tell anyone off for having their own view, I guess. That’s all. :/

      • freepartypeople Says:

        We agree! One of the main points of this site is to collect accounts of the scene from ALL angles. For instance I may have had a terrible time at a party while someone I never met writes in and says it was the best party ever. Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

        The only thing I would say is try to be respectful to each other and if anyone has an axe to grind with anyone else please do it in person so that this doesn’t become a place for settling grudges.

        There has never been and will never be any ‘moderation’ on this site- we approve EVERY non-spam comment no matter how nonsensical. We’ll just leave it up to you lot to treat each other with the same amount of respect you would show each other on a 1991 dancefloor. i.e. a LOT. Peace.

  15. Eric Pearce Says:

    Hello again,i also remember Highgate party with Jiba ,lost the plot on some ‘treated k'(it was pink!!)also party after dole office at Hackney mentioned by Derek aka Gromit.I did get battered, and arrested and charged with assualt on Police!.Got not guilty, mainly due to a barrister
    that worked for free as he was sympathetic to the free party scene.Did you also know that the first party attempt at dole office entailed Neil(gomez)getting electric from a two bedroomed house next door(powering 3 rigs!!).Also remember party underneath Putney bridge,.
    where a Guardian reporter died of heart attack!.At about 7 in the morning was outside out of my head on K seeing Dirty Den getting his newspapers!!,surreal!!!!!!!!

  16. JJ Says:

    F** me this looks like another time with an alien feel to it. cannot beleive we were the height of fashion and taste back then. London was the place to be. Chiba was my favourite. loevvlllyyy.

  17. Jake MacPherson Says:

    Hi folks: just a few words to say how excellent it is to see people remember those da

  18. Jake MacPherson Says:

    Hi, I’ve a few more flyers from Jiba parties: how can I post them? Do let me know.. by the way, nice one with the Blog!
    Jake (Jiba Sys-dem)

    • freepartypeople Says:

      Hey, we’d love to put them up. Email the photos to freepartypeople at and we’ll get them on the blog straight away. Pleased you’re liking the blog 🙂

    • billyg Says:

      Hey, billy from VIRUS crew,
      Just come across this little bloggy thing, yo to jake….some mad parties back then eh? I remember just being deported from the states and me and ecky spendin a night in your gaff…with …huggy and jay i think bangin out some large acid vibes on the keyboards…mega night 🙂
      I had to leave the scene after an enforced visit to an establishment to cleanse my self of the pipe and foil….oh and the brew….i miss the parties but not the carnage i bought with it….i still got so many excellent memories of them days tho….i wouldnt change that for the world..

    • trixton Says:

      Jake. I guess it’s you. Its been a long time, I remember the parties very fondly, I am still amazed my decks survived, they’re not built like that any more.. I am in Buenos Aires these days, but back in the UK 2ish times a year, you still about t

  19. voxpop.phil Says:

    Good to hear from you Jake. Haven’t seen or heard of you from before you went on that long holiday.

    Big Alex is still about in South London…absolute mentalist now…anyone else remembers little Andy from Vox pop? He lives not so far from me in a squatted community near Sheffield. See Adam (Saddam) from Virus every so often up in Manchester….

    @Eric….you guys wanna sell your PhiliShaves that im sure you used to have? Ha ha..lovely rig


  20. vikki ITA Says:

    Hello thanks for putting these up, ive held onto quite a few flyers from back then, but no jiba ones for some reason…eric, i saw alex voxpop at a festival in may, he was on top form and had just done a degree in something ridiculous like maths xvikki

  21. mark Says:

    nice one for the flyers Jake. Do you know where i can contact Charlie (6th flier – Prague) Cheers. Mark.

    • Jake MacPherson Says:

      Hi Mark! mmmmm, sorry old bean but I really have no idea whereabouts CHarlie is: I lost contact with a lot of folks after 2001, when I spent a little state-sponsored “holiday” for various sins…
      I still can’t get over this blogsite! It’s so cool that people remember and care enough to do all this: it really was a magic time – even with all the ants the honey is still sweet!
      I’ll ask around and see if anyone with more brian-cells than i might know

      • mark Says:

        Hello Jake – thanks buddy. Me and my friend Simon met Charlie on the bus on the way to Prague about a week before Hostomice. He took us under his wing and showed us the sites for a day or two before agreeing to meet back up at the party. I spent the beginning of the night chilling out with him and spinning some tunes before the tangerine dreams completely took over. Top guy! Thanks for replying mate, lets see what turns up!

        Admin – I can do a party report for Hostomice ’96 (Jiba, mutoids, spirals) if needed?? M.

  22. mark Says:

    Spiral tribe.. JIBA… Mutoid Waste…
    Hostomice, Czech Republic. Late July 1996.

    My good friend Simon and I left London Victoria on the 24 bus trip to Prague, via Brussels monday morning. Eventually arrived Tuesday morning. Luckily we had met a Spent a couple of days looking around this attractive city before catching a bus an hour south to a village called Hostomice on the friday morning. Departed from the bus with no idea where the party was until we spotted a couple of likely looking party heads loading supplies into the back of an army truck. We asked them if they knew where the party was and if there was any a chance of a lift which, of course there was. Im pretty sure Mark and Simone were those of SP23 fame. Jumped out of the truck to an impressively big party site with an array of fine travelling vehicles, one large marquee and a few tents.

    We found a quiet pitch and went to mingle. Swapped something for some acid and bought a pill (i think) and supped a few beers for the rest of the afternoon. Darkness descened and so did the madness. Dont remember a lot apart from hard techno in the main marquee (coerteusy of Spiral Tribe) with a huge glowing strobe light. Probably about 500 people in attendence.

    Hooked back up with Simon in the morning and realised id run out of cash so after asking about managed to borrow a pair of push-bikes for a coupleof hours to cycle to the next village (15km away) which was essentially over one big hill. After trying to pop a wheelie and snapping the handlebars in two we decided to perservere and eventually got to the next village to find it pretty much deserted. It was then that i found an emergency £50 tucked away in my wallet. Cycled back and got back to site about 5pm. Somehwere during the day Simon realised he’d dropped his passport on site so spent a good few hours looking for this and eventually tracked it down to a Scottish guy who wanted payment in beers to do a transaction.. typical Scots! Handed bikes back to Mutoid cafe with apologies for the handlebar and decided to open the bottle of Becherovka. (think a taste between perm lotion and bleach).

    We hung about at the mutoid cafe making new friends and enjoying a couple of cold ones. Eventually managed to purloin a couple of tangerine dreams here. Met back up with Charlie who we had met on the bus over to CZR (see above) and all dropped these awesome pills together. Not sure what happened to Simon but me and Charlie ended up blissed out on the grass and then playing quality techno in the back of a trailer to some people listening outside (hazy). Decided a wander/dance was in order but dont remember much else other than passing out around dawn. Many more people were here on the Saturday night and obviously a strong Czech attendence. Was always a nice feeling feeling though when you bumped into an ‘ex-pat’ lol. Not sure what had happened the night before but by sunday i was feeling very fragile so spent the day trying to sleep through it in the blazing sun being massaged by the warehouse sounds of the JIBA system. Eventually recovered enough to spend Sunday evening talking to a couple of nice young girls from Nottingham who had made it over. Caught the train back to Prague monday morning. A very full on weekend with plenty of challenging situations, language barriers and friendly banter that represented a new frontier in partying for me.

    Got a few photos and fliers from this era/party so will try and scan and upload.

  23. mark Says:

    Forgot to say Desert Storm were there on the Saturday night too.

  24. gromit Says:

    acid chaos in 92 -1993 i think when we took ova the rockit was defo a great party. i also remember a party that was clossed down in a huge whare house with spirals bedlam and jakes rig and the gyroscope there and we had only been going for an hour or two and i had to try and figure out a lift back to hackney at about 2 in the morning not bad when your 16 off your face on getafix and ganesh and speaking in jibberish.
    Also the pub on the corner just down from clissold park when dread messahi use to play along with a follow acid set at a small squatted pub with bev on the gate 1993 time in 1994 just a month after hackney homeless and criminal justice i left for a year went to nz then returned 1995 first party back was hackney wick site then many until late 1996 where my body gave out on me and i realised i couldnt survive on a diet of speed tennents pills etc etc . left uk in 1997 permanently for nz just a bit of reminising peas n aks gromit one of my favourite parts was toe to hed in hastings on the beach 1996

  25. ClIvE dAiNeS Says:

    yes wicked dayz,those flyers got the brain cells workin,miss those partys.


  26. Hattie Says:

    Loved, loved, loved those times…The summer of the community centre in Whittington Park was fantastic, great times with excellent people.

  27. ûføløgist Says:

    Hi all. The first time i see Jiba’s rig was at Teknival suffolk. Party by the east gate woodbridge base. Jiba Kicking fat dubs on a sunny sunday morning. Virus rig was down the bottom end kicking techno acid. This party was one to remember. TNT aka Tim N Toby’s rig was having it. What a venue. What a party. UK techno scene was were it all started. Now days the top techno raves are in europe where the norm is military setting up check points and gunships are flying over head. Have fun all. check my youtube channel.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Ah yes Woodbridge that was a bash Pigged by over thirty riot vans and wasting fuel on a fucking helicopter , and hackney snooker club and all the others , Big Love all Boney aka Slackburn

  29. Silly bastard Says:

    The Good old days
    Top fuck u wasting airspace with a helicopter couldn’t nick a sweet off a kid over 35 vans of frightened filth you could blow the hair on there faces with a single breath who was frightened of who.
    Big love
    Boney Slackburn

    • Anonymous Says:

      Anon Mark Kinetik was on the take
      No respect I bowled him a curve ball fancy that never naturally assume at chill out its chisel (potentially unknown contents) he went for the money not the love .
      Gurnard Banning

    • Anonymous Says:

      Also on the subject of family and friends and a good time and the free network and loyalty and solidarity Carin & Neil from Lobstir who worked every party starting out with love and a few backdrops and put color into the free scene and built their way up to having their own moving light show . Who stole it a ruined their dream some of us don’t forget one day as ever it will come back to haunt those with sticky fingers

      • Grommet Says:

        Lobstir Carin and Neil 🙂 – Happy memorys of helping throw up back drops and trying to fix strobes with Neil in stair cases to office buildings

    • Anonymous Says:

      Funny footage on you tube of helga telling the cops she hopes they all get cancer of the bollox for stopping the party.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    i just about remember most of tese partys the one driveing across three fields where old the old bill cut site entrence off i was only 15 at the time i wish i was a bit older as would of had even better time i tying to find free partys to go to now but dont no where to start i will never forget virus and jiba partys they were something else i got so many storys and remember just about some of the places the pills and k do make it hazey though if u no any free partys leave a number or e mail address so i can get in touch

  31. Anonymous Says:

    i need to party

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