Spiral Tribe sound system

Super early and super rare, remember enjoying this:

^Did it have something to do with Charlie Hall (Drum Club)? Anyone know anything at all about this one???

^Don’t know exactly what this Spiral Tribe pointy hand logo (on the B side) signified, apart from the cosmic number 23… Any ideas anyone?

I still have this one, released after they joined Big Life:

^Nice countryside copper sample on the Breach The Peace track. The Spirals were pretty keen on ‘mother earth’ (listen to the rap on BTP), but the sad fact was that lots of the weekend ravers didn’t get the whole ‘shit with a shovel/take your rubbish home’ ethos. Lots of them did though, and I for one was certainly influenced by Spiral’s desire NOT to mess up the beautiful locations of their parties.

One of my ex-Spiral friends was reputed to have tried DOET. I asked him about it and he now thinks it was K. Still, he had an out of body experience and that’s what counts. All sorts of interesting narcotics floating around in those days. Giant brown biscuits allegedly containing Mescaline and so on…

And the B side:

^Twenty three. I think I fell for that cosmic gobbledook back then, and was amazed whenever I saw a 23 anywhere. Then I realised that if I picked another number, let’s say 24, I’d probably notice that everywhere too. Try it and see.

Having said that there was a definite feeling in those days, something in the air that couldn’t be explained. So I won’t try to explain it. The Spirals I came into contact with weren’t particularly cosmic. They just liked putting on REALLY GOOD PARTIES. And they did that pretty damn well.

There were supposed to be 23 members of Spiral Tribe, but that just sounded too much like a neat soundbite to be true. People joined and left the Spirals as they travelled about. A tiny minority of these, it has to be said, were pretty fucking sketchy. On the whole, though, there were some of the soundest, most hectic, most creative and fascinating people you could ever hope to meet amongst that bunch.


4 Responses to “Spiral Tribe sound system”

  1. knid Says:

    Yeah the first EP was produced at least in part by Charlie Hall, and really sounds a lot like Drum Club – ‘U Make Me Feel So Good’ went on to become a staple of Drum Club live sets, and I think they released it under the DC name too.

  2. Somebody who was there Says:

    The answer to your Questions…

    1, The EP was done with help and guidance from Charlie Hall & Lol Hammond at butterfly studios in Brixton…
    2, Mark said at the time the hand logo was exactly as you say a representation of the number 23, two fingers up and 3 down..
    And to add, DO-ET was not Ketamine it has a chemical make-up similar to MDMA but more trippy (lots of people lost it big time on the stuff, it was intense) it was cooked up by a chemistry Student acquaintance; he also used to make the best pills. In came in the form of a sugar cube.
    The Chief Inspector in the Breach the Peace sample was From a Local Radio Interview in Swindon, when we all got arrested and thrown in the cells for 23 hours on trumped up charges in order to stop the party that night. I was asleep on my bus with a Joint rolled beside me, ready for when I woke up. The coppers let themselves on board wandered to the back of the bus where my bedroom was and wore me and arrested me for Suspected Intention of Breach of the peace…. WTF, I was asleep, the only thing I was intending to do at the time of my arrest was get a good rest…… But the good news was they let me stash my Joint before taking me to the station. So not only did I not get charged for a drugs offence but I also had a joint rolled & ready for when I got out…. Could have been worse.

  3. Charlie Hall Says:

    U Make Me Feel So Good was the first time Lol Hammond and I got together to make music…so we were a part of it (all)

  4. Curtains Says:

    I still have that first spiral 12″. Fairly certain that they sold White sleeved Copys of it at one of their free partys. It was and still is not a great tune for me. But it was a great time. They were a good bunch, and they used to be cool about letting people play on their sound system too. I remember one of my mates Justin light playin a top set at castlemorton common. I still have loads of tunes from that time. Perhaps we should do a back to the early 90’s party! Have another mate Micky Moff who used to play at lots of lazyhouse partys too, his record collection is top. Anyway might see of I can find any ‘rave diaries’ flyers and pics, as this site has been jogging my memory loads. Think we must have been at nearly all the same partys!

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