31st December 1991-2nd January 1992 New Year’s Eve: Spiral Tribe and Circus Normal at The Roundhouse, Camden, London

Here’s a quote from Steve Spiral:

The round house we never had a generator… Had to hotwire, FACT, I was there when it was done… not saying I did It.

Thanks to Snufkin for this comment:

I was at the Roundhouse gig on New Years Eve too. At the time it was derelict and owned by the Metropolitan police. the entrance was blocked with several hundred tonnes of rubble, totally filling the access road. Didn’t stop the Normals drving the rig and genny in on a six six-wheel-drive Militant that used to belong to Moscow State Circus, strainght over the top. Another crazy night. Next night wasn’t so great, after the security had done too much coke and gone to sleep and every mugger in London moved in.

From the Spiral Tribe Wikipedia page ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiral_Tribe ):

The power was stolen from a light socket owned by British Rail at the back of the building and the system went off at 6:30 in the morning when they turned the lights off. Someone then found an alternative power source.

There are also some lovely pics and a flyer from this party over at:


Again, we heard about it at the time but didn’t attend. Remember hearing rumours about muggers, but also about what an amazing venue it was. Were you there? What was it like? Got any photos or flyers? Also, there seems to have been a Christmas Eve party (also Spiral). Anyone know about this? We’ll create another post for it.

9 Responses to “31st December 1991-2nd January 1992 New Year’s Eve: Spiral Tribe and Circus Normal at The Roundhouse, Camden, London”

  1. Davey Says:

    Great night! New years eve in such a great venue. 2 cars from surrey and crazy stories still replayed whenever we see each other. Fireworks inside, the balcony, Rosie the raving granny.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The Roundhouse NYE 1991 3 Red and Blacks, I just about remember it. An obstacle course (check), Mud (check), Darkness (check) Ravers and Travelers (Check).

    A couple of weeks later the balcony had collapsed when went to another party there. Glad that didn’t happen new years eve!

    There were muggers in action that night a friend had a knife pulled on him 5 feet from us and we didn’t even know.
    I’m also sure a copper or coppers walked through the rave and were tripped up or had on of their hat’s knocked off. Though that could have been the pills, anyone else see that? I’m pretty sure a generator turned up from somewhere at some point.

    Food being served as well and Hawkwind and Spiral what more do you need for your new years eve.

  3. bob Says:

    The best party ever, a gathering of the tribes – nothing ever came close to this! To this day I still tell tales of the magical wonder of this night… nothing but a legend! 🙂

  4. jo Says:

    I remember party at blackwall tunnel, I say I remember, dont remember much, think that was due to the strawberrys and barrels! Jacket potatoes were served, who could of eaten anything I really dont know. Poo everywhere upstairs and lots of drugs for sale, fog, special brew and very crusty. Wish I could remember more. Would love to see some pics!

  5. dk Says:

    Went 2 cable St Winchester roundhouse. Torpedo town rain in Tunbridge Wells St George avenue wiv reg Newport farm Lechlade smeatharpe.

  6. Lee Says:

    I was at roundhouse Camden,
    We got there early… Think it was boxing day though… We had been somewhere me n my mate eddie met a funky dred n he told us about it so we moved with him from then on that night … Wicked times.
    I remember walking over people to get in the building after we got through a gap in the corragated fence.
    There was a bomfire in the midfle of the room a mad place balcony all round it with the set up at one end.
    Theee was punks, homeless, trippers, white glove crew , rude boys allsorts in there.
    Would love to see some photos.
    Seem to remember we went back new years.
    Seems another lifetime away now.
    Happy dayz

  7. BS Says:

    I was there, crazy night, totally agree with Bob,

  8. gs Says:

    Wow! A legendary party, a bit like the Treworgey Tree Fayre but smaller! Went with friends for what we thought was going to be a Hawkwind gig (“new year’s spherical wobble”,was on the flyer). Paid a fiver I think to get in, took some “penguins”, and it all went mad….
    Main memories; everyone walking in circles, all the time; being round, it was impossible to find the toilets without walking all the way round the building… only to find a derelict room awash, completely awash….
    … being so tripped out I couldn’t even tell if there was a group playing on the stage.. asking the guy in front of me, who just laughed and said “haven’t got a fuckin’ clue mate!!”
    …never seeing so many wide-eyed and grinning people assembled in one place…. except maybe Treworgey!
    …eventually leaving the madness inside,after recovering one friend who nearly got lost in the basement, to get a breath of fresh, sane air..and finding the whole of Camden in pretty much the same state!
    …having to go through Trafalgar square to get our nightbus home; an equally chaotic scene, but far more threatening and ugly.
    Great daze indeed!

  9. aaron Says:

    Hey all – I’m making a documentary about this NYE 1991 night (weeks). If you have interesting tales to tell please do get in touch. Aaron.

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