13th July 1991: DiY Free Party at Moreton Lighthouse, Birkenhead, Merseyside

UPDATE 02/03/21:

Here are a three videos from this party, shout to Youtuber Tizmip again!

Here’s a flyer:

And a video-

Haven’t seen many videos of this era of free parties, which is sad, but the ones I have seen, like this one, are great! Credit for this one goes to youtube user robberbyker (who I suspect is one of the original Gaye Bykers On Acid, whose music soundtracks the video).

There are some mixes doing the rounds too, or at least there were, but I haven’t managed to locate them. Can anyone help???

Apparently this was the second party at this venue, the first one was some time in 1990, anyone know when/how many/which sound systems in attendance? Photos from the first do here: http://www.travellerhomes.co.uk/?p=9041 and here: http://www.travellerhomes.co.uk/?p=9051

Here’s a quote from Jane Bussmann’s wonderful book ‘Once in a lifetime’- I can’t recommend this book enough. It’s about ‘The Crazy Days of Acid House and Afterwards’ as it says on the cover, and is full of stuff to make you reminisce, chuckle, and occasionally think “what the fuck!”….

And here’s what the book looks like, if you see it, buy it!

So, who was there? Got any memories? Doesn’t matter how hazy, just post a comment….

18 thoughts on “13th July 1991: DiY Free Party at Moreton Lighthouse, Birkenhead, Merseyside

  1. just a quick post to say that if anyone`s after a copy of this book i`ve just put mine on ebay!user name is wvmlucky7 if you`re interested ta

  2. We took this site, i rammed a polce blockade in a 40ft pink bus then hit the kerb at the top and blew all my tyres out. The locals saw the copeers off and then max in his mk sanwidged a cop car with another army truck to get on. By that night diy had set up and we were partying. full on party, needed to be alert for this one.

  3. Arrived at the site the day before the main convoy there was a bloke in an ex-BR crewvan(?) there before us.

    We parked in the car park here;-


    There were only park police there at that point and they didn’t seem to care if we parked there. Locals drifted down and were more than happy there was going to be a free festival again. They were going to book the week off work.

    We had a ring side seat for the whole thing. Police got more and more agitated through out the day. We were a bit puzzled that the only attempt at stopping the vehicles were a few cones down the side of the coast road.

    Locals turned up with scanners to listen to the police and we waited as we heard the main convoy was approaching.

    Police activity picked up some more and then the convoy appeared coming over the bridge from the rail station down pasture road.

    Police started running along Leasowe Rd but it was to late the convoy got almost to the end of the first grass block and then the first bus turned in – all the others turned – beautiful sight. Police hanging of buses being dragged along I think they thought they could physically stop them.

    Police set up a command post in an old hospital/clinic and started deploying riot squad. At this point the locals also started massing and told the police that if we were evicted they were going to stop the eviction.

    Council showed up claiming it was their land and the police were ready to start but two old guys from Wallesey action commitiy showed up with the land owners ship deeds proving it was common land and the police backed off.

    Circus Normal and DIY sound systems were there.

    Loads of Scousers flooded out of Liverpool for the festival. The local club owners were none to happy. Which boiled over at the hotel site by the paper mill in Deeside.

    We did get free fuel when we left the authorities set up a temporary fueling station on a bit of dual carriageway somewhere close by.


  4. Remember them both, first was a bit quiet, second got the cheezy quavers but I remember no dodgey arses. I got done on acid at the second one and reemmber a mate trying to play either a motorhead or Hawkwind number on stage and also accidentally urinating on a sleeping crusty – sorry about that!

  5. turned up day after site taken in a convoy of around 10 vehicles. police had a road block at the bottom of a hill we fanned out and ran the road block much to the entertainment of the locals. great festival locals of all ages attended and made us very welcome. all went a bit shit a few days later tho when gangsters tracked us down to warn us of their “turf”

  6. I live in Wirral and went to both years fessies and to contradict Jane Bussman, the locals were all for the travellers; in 1990 the L’pool Daily Post had a front page pic of a guy I knew waving an axe at the plod. Gutted when the drug dealers ruined the 2nd year by setting a bus on fire. Pity there wasn’t a 3rd year but great memories. A few years ago the hypocrites at Wirral council held a photo display of the festivals at local libraries.

  7. Remember buying a sheet of acid from a traveller at the chicken coup at rear of bus. Also seeing germans with bald heads rocking to base-less screeching techno. fecking great.

  8. The first festival was great the weather was wonderful
    I actually played on the Wango Rilley stage with my band The Pondskaters
    Good times

  9. the first was a few scatterd fire.. the second was bigger with loads of brew crew & a few bands playing (ice 9). the 3rd was just mega.. loads of bands on wangos. techno & the locals loved it.. we were given free fuel in the end to get us out of there.. spoiled by local gangsters at shotton paper mill, where we run them off site, but then there BMW collided with an oncoming car full of punters.. 4 dead i think.. then straight down thru wales onto bala happy daze free fest & so on.. happy memories.. 🙂

  10. I remember selling some illlegal triply sheets on the train station platform I was 18 had been traveling with convoy for a few years we also set up a hot knife tent where you crawled in one side and left out the other end wasted £1 a shot here hee
    Also gangster thing was fucked up but we were undercutting them on price
    I will never forget that the locals called purple Oms (mbs) mind body and soul and once I knew that I was enriched good times

  11. Ha !..Damn I remember this..I went on train on my own to meet my mate John Mucca..got there..found his big green Dodge early morning..woke him up + went inside. I had to step over people sleeping on the truck floor..Greeted Mucca..sat down for a brew and someone woke up on the floor and shouts “What The Fuck”?..Id accidentally trodden dog shit all over their blankets !! Best entrance Ive ever made !!..Well they shouldn’t have had so many dogs . Oh..the party ruled btw.x

  12. Igot there early morning and found John Muccas green Dodge..went inside and accidentally trodden dog shit all over their blankets. Best entrance I ever made.ace party

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