23rd January 1993: Spiral Tribe Free Party at Brent Cross, London

UPDATE 04/09/12:

Here are some photos taken at and around this party by photographer Pete Dibdin:

Photos courtesy of Pete Dibdin whose work can be found at http://www.peterdibdin.com/

UPDATE 13/08/12: 

23 January 1993
Spiral Tribe
Disused Depository, Brent Cross, London
Diary entry:
Fucking too fucking good the most violent aggressive unmusical music I ever heard, fast noteless, tuneless grinding noise. Gave Mark lift in Tom’s car. Mental building.

Not sure how we got to this party but when we arrived Tom asked me if I could go and pick up Mark from Spiral Tribe, who was still back at their squat on Uxbridge Road. Tom couldn’t because he was too out of it on ketamine already. I’d just taken some drugs, so it became a race against time driving across London before I came up. I picked up Mark, Sebastian and Emily, all clothed in black bomber jackets and combats with shaved heads. I felt a bit old skool Day-Glo in my orange jeans and tie-dye T-shirt.

The music that night was relentless pounding techno. And outside was the best collection of matt black traveller vehicles I’d ever seen.

Many thanks to http://simonmathewson.blogspot.co.uk/ for the write up. He promised more of the same. Looking forward to it 🙂

UPDATE 30/09/09: Thanks to an old friend’s generosity we now have this flyer:

Rumours from a source very close to Spiral Tribe at the time indicated that this never happened due to one of them doing a runner with the money and spending it on crack. So much for the ‘positive energy matrix’! The flyer below is for the free event that happened in its place:

Was anyone else there? Anything to add?

11 Responses to “23rd January 1993: Spiral Tribe Free Party at Brent Cross, London”

  1. Tim Acid Says:

    was this the one in that squat or warehouse thingy …lol I was mullarded when I arrived..so can’t remember the look of the building.

    But looking at your dairy entry…could be the same place…. very hard gabba techno and an edgy vibe?

  2. HardCore Bob Says:

    As already said, The music was really Gabba all night and couldn’t get up on it so didn’t enjoy the party that much.

    Just kept walking about chatting to Party people in there cars.


  3. HardCore Bob Says:

    Went to some good Spiral parties round London.
    Can any one rember the Dairy,the Bus Depot, Edmonton,The Libray ,Acton and the Round House twice? and Chobham common and the one on the heath withh all the wasps?

    • 303loopy Says:

      was at all but the dairy, Edmonton & Acton pesonal fav’s cause the occurences av stuck in my mind, The wasps was at an orchard in surray i think.

  4. gibbo Says:

    yeah i remember the the dairy at acton what a night you went down the ramp into the main party , anyone know max pugsley or nigel wier , jase race ect salisbury crew or anyone fron pepperbox . gibbo

  5. Steve Spiral Says:

    The “one with the wasps” was numbers farm Kings Langley, Herts…. It used to be the ovaltine farm back in the 30’s & 40’s… on top of the hill by the ovaltine factory…. last weekend in Feb 92 … BTW the Dairy was Park Royal (A40), The Bus Depot was Camberwell, The library was Lewisham, and the round house was 3 weeks of the blackest bogeys ever… And the party this page is referring to was held just off of staples corner in a warehouse that was used to store stuff for the natural history museum… we found a load of stuffed animals in a back room there…. And the crack incident was correct… Chris terminator (R.I.P) was the culprit… the party was Our system (Circus Lunatek) joined with bedlams and when Simon plugged in the live set gear he had the levels way too high and blew up half of the rig in the first milliseconds.. so the money C.T smoked meant that we had a nightmare trying to get the rigs sorted for the next parties…. OH HAPPY DAYS 

  6. Sarah aka Mrs Hardcore(Circus Lunatek) Says:

    hey hey Sprial Steve! long time no speak mr ‘sort it out’. you lot looked like chimney sweeps at the roundhouse!! was just thinking about the woodyard in kent the other day and all the other crazy times we had with that sound system and our little convoy!! how are you?

    • Labtek Says:

      Luckily Sas we did double woodyards, one was a scream babe loadsa backdrop production and a crackin time. Me takin a lawnmower engine apart on my 21st kained on blotters and Joss gettin her Merc. The blat bike with Steve and a manakin on the back by the school was the other. Shitfaced so can’t remember much else. The one for me was wakin up with a field full of shrooms in Tunbridge wells. Bass on the back of the truck blastin out. Miss ya!
      Luv Labtek

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I remember a crackin time out in Aberystwyth on an old tin mine or summat in a valley with a stream running through the bottom and a single track/road. The small fire engine was there, banging time n I must have gone trough 10k of them spiral blotters that summer. Got wasted on some manic window pane a chic gave me. D

  8. Gromit Says:

    Chris terminator Rip (he used to call me his little brother) Chirs helped me from a couple of curly situations over the early years as well as put me into some crazy situations. I was thinking about him today. He had both exellent and negative energy, but he always had me as a friend.( Drugs tend to fuck with the programme) quite literaly in this case I guess LOL RIP Chris

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