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Some soundsystems seriously under-represented on the internet include DiY, Sketch, Lazy House, Bedlam, Tekno Travellers, Circus Warp and lots of other Circuses (Irritant, Normal etc.) Please send us some memories about them, either if you went to their parties, or were involved with putting parties on with them in some way. Spiral Tribe are well-known and well-documented, but it’s about time we heard more about the unsung heroes of the free party scene…

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71 Responses to “PLEASE READ: What is this site all about? How does it work?”

  1. JODY Says:


    • sam williams Says:

      Hi guys just found this blog… thought you may be interested in my photos i personally took from 1989 -1995 from my raving days in south of england …
      check it out

      would love feedback .. thanks x

    • Murf Says:

      This was indeed a Bedlam party, with support from Adrenalin Soundsystem!

      Very, very, very mad! Venue was HUGE!!! Nearly forgot about this party! Thanks Jody… *)

    • Jason Says:

      I remember the Camberwell bus depot party…just about. There was a bloke selling Ketamine through a hatch in the wall, ended up having to carry one mate about for a while!
      The Acton party was in an old Ajax factory, I think? I was there until the end when it all got a bit out of hand with the plod laying into everyone with their sheilds and sticks. One memory which has stuck in my mind from that particular party was a mate managing to purchase a load of pills with a cheque!!

      • Jason Says:

        …Or was the Ajax factory in Park Royal? I definately went to a party in Acton around that time and I have a vague recollection of another party somewhere around the North circular the same year…

  2. Mike Says:

    I remember loads of these around the M25, but my most vivid memories were of the A34 parties around Oxfordshire. Usuallly included Base Druids (or BDi as they were also known), amongst others. Always beautiful parts of the countryside, always a totally messy afair. Western society at it’s wildest and most free. Those people that went to these free parties in the UK seem to be the only ones to truly understand what they meant, but if you were then you know the magic. The meeting of a trail of cars around midnight in the middle of nowhere, then the news confirming the site, then the convoy of cars leading out to the middle of the countryside, then utter abandonment and dance-tastic freedom reigned.

  3. Go Bang Brighton Says:

    Love this site, thank you for putting it togeather, will be coming back to see what gets added.

    Take care

  4. freepartypeople Says:

    freepartypeople says: Didn’t know where to put this. This is from an email:

    hello and thanks for your uping and keeping of the site, its good to find again after awhile passing since i last came upon it.
    ..i didnt make it to lechlade or castlemorton but a friend had been insisting i go to all that led up to them and to those 2 big ones and it was only after hearing the tales of lech’ and morton that i decided to go, and the first thing following as i remember was laxton, i think smeatharpe was next then colville up in leicester,again, then torpedo town/s .. then somewhere in there there was the deptford free festival, after which was 17:36 13/04/2009a free warehouse party .. i have vivid if selective memory of some of all of these and will write some of them for your site ..
    . i never hear of anyone mentioning the laxton and colville fest/site parties tho’,and wonder if you have.. i think tash has 2 photos from laxton, but of folks, not the scene,cant see much.. and laxton,being my first, and an acid flip top head opener really makes me wish to hear about and see photos even video of.
    …i’d been to reading ’89,but then went to the zapp club and had my first trip in late ’89 ,discovered travellers parties and purple om’s in a squatted pub in maidstone/chatham area late 89 up to new years,and caught the rave’s at glastonbury ’90 (tonka? lego?),but this rave scene was the un bridled free situation as you well know..
    …let us know if you would on any tales of those leicester do’s,and i will also endeavour to get around to posting some recalls,..
    ..lastly ,there was a comment/reply somewhere in your site from a lass surname of beverage asking for any photos of justin beverage.. it was from his sister i guess, anyway ,i’d recognised him over the years and hung with him a little at a teknival in the south of france,and and maybe at czech tek weeks before..i’d had my money stolen and he totally sorted me out to make some more,anyway, he had asked me to send a copy of an article someone had given me which i was sure had him standing on top of spirals bus at castle morton, i sent it to the address he gave me and weeks later recieved a letter from his mum thanking me for the print out with him in,but sorry to tell me he’d died ,at an amsterdam party of all places.. …………………….well, i still have the spiral article..
    ……..(‘nothing can stop the techno travellers’)…..
    ,somewhere and if you have a contact for the beverage who asked for photos i can send a copy ,if she needs another,when i find problem..
    …………………right, again ,nice one..pete

  5. Suzispangle Says:

    Just discovered this site – brilliant! Went to most of the Festi’s from 91-92… most memorable:
    Torpedo town ; Camelford 91, Lechlade 92, ; of course the one that will go down in history being Castlemorton 92 (proper lost it big time there!!). Not much here on Camelford 91, so here is my contribution:

    Good Memory:
    After getting lost on Bodmin Moor around 3am, following a 4 hour drive from Bournemouth, we stopped at a phone box (pre mobile days of course) to cheekily ask for directions from the local plod and they surprisingly obliged!

    Bad Memory:
    Discovering there were no trees when daylight broke, hence no discreet toilet facility, and having to walk for miles through a minefield of turds with a layer of pink toilet paper fluttering not so discreetly atop each mound, just to take a girl piss.

  6. Jamie B Says:

    Great site, it would seem my memory is slightly better than some. Can’t find any mention of Chipping Sodbury May 1991, Peasdown St john July 1991 and a truely epic warehouse free party in Stroud Sept 21st 1991 when 8000 ravers crashed into town and rocked the old Great mills

    freepartypeople say:

    Thanks Jamie!

    I think there were two parties in Stroud, the one you mentioned in 1991 and one in 1992. And I’ve seen things about Selsey Common in Stroud, as well as Stroud Common, and warehouse parties too, so it’s all a bit confusing can anyone help?

    Anything in anybody’s memory banks?

    The other ones sound interesting too, where you at these parties? Any memories, however vague ;P ? Details of soundsystems?

    How about anyone else? We’ll make some new entries for these and see if anyone shows an interest.

    • Kent Says:

      Deffinately Jamie B, I can vouch for sodbury common 91 being a legendry weekend loads turned up and think we stayed for 3 nights got striped searched coming back on to site & this painful memory of that chrystal waters tune “laa daa dee da doh” you know getting played alot or was it just in my head ?? but apart from that Brilliant memories some traveller fella was selling trips and said come in to the coach think I sayed for hours I ended up going up to some hills somewhere in wales at some point after following a convoy in to the hills no idea where we where but stayed and partyed some more…
      Great Idea whoever put the site together…. I wish Id taken a camera around back in the days, mind I would have definatly lost it before Id taken any
      Keep posting your stories people Im loving reading it all
      It will never happen again

    • Anonymous Says:

      Was at all three “Do’s”you mentioned the stroud one in the closed garden centre was a charged evening

  7. HardCore Bob Says:

    Just a note to Mike,

    BDI are still going well mate and have just bought a bigger rig which sounds awesome.
    May well want to keep your Diary clear for nye

  8. Anonymous Says:

    warehouse party in stroud stamped on hand 23 with a ?

  9. Clare Says:

    Stroud party 3 day event (circus warp) messy as, must have been 93 -94 went deep into what seemed to be a quarry? Use to follow all the glow up flyers and arrows. Exeter parties in the woods, they were fab!

  10. Robert Says:

    Ohhhh man! What a fantastic website! Found it a few days ago and its so great to see other people sharing their memories.

    I’m 40 in a few weeks time, but can remember it all like it was yesterday. Here’s my story!

    Went to Cardiff Uni in 1990, aged 20. When I went I was into rock and metal, but soon discovered the joys of smoking and then Acid. Made friends with a traveller turned student who was into Ozric Tentacles and went to my first free party (FESTI!) at PEASDOWN ST JOHN (there’s a mention previous to my post! It did happen! I was there!). BOY was that a life changing event. I took about 4 purple ohms on the Friday night and the rest is histort. I thought I saw God that night. Can remember hearing T99 Anastasia (I later learnt that was the tune!) over and over again. Just loved the mix of people in Fila and travellers.

    Over the next 3 years went to a lot of festis….the ones that stand out:
    Lechlade / Bala / a few in South Wales and Camelford. Camelford was EPIC! 4 days…fuck me.

    Also went to all the Fantazias, Obsessions and Universe’s ….and loved every minute. I Loved, and still love, hardcore and Jungle….I honestly believe that was a sea-change moment in music which will never be repeated (my wife is fed up with me going on about it!)

    Got all the tapes and now loving hearing it all on You-Tube.

    I think what I like most is reading all the comments and WE ALL share the same thing….they were the best times of our lives, we can remember them as though they were yesterday (even after all those pills!!!), we soooo wish we could back in time and re-live just one of those nights…but most importantly, they shaped our future lives.

    No matter what anyone says about raves and drugs, I know that before I discovered them both, I was a bit of a drunken mess….then after 1991, I changed, and so much for the better. I became a better person!

    I’m starting to sound quasi-religious now so I’ll stop…but you all know what I’m talking about. And yes, my life since has been a success and I’m very happy….great kids, good job, etc etc.

    Massive shout-out to the guys and girls who put up websites like these and to the people who come on and share their memories…Also, shout out to Pete Kearton (for driving me around the country in a crap Maestro) and Emma and Lisa for great memories….

    Hands in the Air!!!!!

    • Matt and Paula Says:

      Peasdown, i was there. Smashed the side off my bus getting in the small entrance. I rember walking into the village up the hill and the MC was shouting “anyone got any E’s” it was rattling off the houses clear as you like. Spiders stage was there and the coppers (apparntly) sabotaged his genny so i dont think it ran all weekend. Some folk bands gathered outside my bus round the fire and played for ages while i supplyed them with alcohol for doing so. It was the same weekend as Lechlade i think. All the kids on site had a mud fight with the coppers, well a one sided fight, the kids were winning. Cant remember the name of the rig that played though. We all ended up getting towed off by some guy in an RL, it rained and turned into a mudbath, the only vehicle that made it off alone was Nick and Annie’s 1950 Albion, just cruised off all gentle like, while we all wollowed in the mud.

  11. Dougie Says:

    What great find this site has been for me. There is an old hippies expression ” If you can remember the sixties you where not there” This can be said about the early nineties and i am finding it hard to remember a lot of it so all you people are helping me out. Great memories and most are almost impossible to explain, they are just a glowing warmth.
    On my way to Cornwall from Yorkshire I picked up a couple of hitchhikers who where going to the White Goddess festi. It was about twenty miles out of my way but I thought fuck it I have bought them this far I might as well take them all the way there.Best thing I ever did!
    Having decided to hang around and have a look I was soon gobbling down every thing on offer, mainly acid I seem to remember, and being there for the whole week. My first proper festi and what a way to start. Saying that it is all still a total blur but I just get that glowing warmth when ever I think about it.
    I remember going to a festi near Honiton on an old air field, I seem to remember Spiral Tribe were there but cannot seem to find anything out about it. Does any body out there know any more about it. It was big and chaotic and i think there was a mini riot when babylon tried to shut it down.
    Thanks everyone, best times of our lives

  12. Jasper Amy Says:

    I am a third year BA (hons) Media Production student studying at The University of Winchester and am undertaking my final year project in documentary film.

    My project is based on examining free party culture and the ideology of anti-conservatism. The film will explore the social, economic and political situation of England in the early nineties and make a comparison with the present day.

    I would like to examine areas such as; commercialisation of free party culture, the connection between drugs and electronic music, media representation of free parties and the relation between music genre and sub culture. Current news stories regarding ‘Scumoween’ have interested me in investigating how the recession and social media are fuelling a new generation of rave culture.

    After researching this topic in depth I have become very interested in finding out more about free parties/festivals and how social networking, politics and the economy are influencing this generation of partygoers.

    Having researched for the last few months, I believe it would be massively beneficial to seek advice from current participants in the field, and would like to ask if you would help me further my research and participate in the film.

    If this request is not relevant to you would you be able to recommend someone who you think may be able to assist me?
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,

    Jasper Amy
    Tel: 07841521338

    My supervising lecturer can be contacted to verify this project, details below:
    Supervising Lecturer: Mr. Karin Stowe BA (Hons), MA, PGCE/FE
    Office Telephone number: 01962 827206

  13. Robert Says:

    Nostalgia has made its way onto the Daily Telegraph blog section!!!

    The video is pretty accurate too….must go, I can feel tears coming on as I go all bleary eyed…

  14. Matt and Paula Says:

    Does anyone remember Andover free festival. It was my first free fezzy, i was on my way to Glastonbury when the free fields were on and ended up on an airfield in andover. Wango’s stage was there, ruff ruff and ready, poisened elektric head and back to the planet played to name the only ones myself and girlfriend can remember. Within 10 mins of pulling up a girl visited us and asked if we were new to the scene, which was a yes. She then pointed to a bus with the words “social” on the name plate and said, stay away from those people. over the weekend i watched them bring on stolen cars and burn them out. Some guy spent all day building a little stonehenge and they just drove over it when he’d finished. This was my first experience of the brew crew and what i later new as the social bus. Never bothered me the following years but they had a rep. At the time i never took drugs and nither did my girlfriend, we bumped into an old friend who loved his acid and we sat round a fire chatting when his duffle bag fell over and a pair of shitty pants rolled out in front of everyone. He shouted out that they were not his and then threw them on the fire. Trouble was they smouldered for ages while all these people just sat looking at them not saying a word, tripping out. I have never laughed so much in my life. i remember thinking if thats what drugs do to you then what a load of shite, that changed soon after. We then moved on to the free fields at Glastunbury and if im correct DIY were there next to wangos stage where we stayed for around 2 weeks. Wonderfull lifechanging times.

  15. ben Says:

    Hey Chaps,

    I’ve been reading (and very occasionally commenting) for years, and wondered if I could ask a favour?

    I am involved in the production of a small book about free-parties, friendship, drugs, and dancing called SPANNERED, due for release in May 2011. It’s a bit of a DiY production, with a new homebrew publishing company putting it out, all being funded out of our day-jobs.

    The novel itself is the story of a bunch of randoms on a big-weekend out at a party in a squatted warehouse in the mid-90’s, and is an attempt to capture that ecstasy-honeymoon-feeling that happens for big groups of party-heads when the music, drugs and people all click into place.

    It’s available to pre-order now, and I wondered if you could add us to your links (or maybe even do a post about it?), just to help us get a bit of attention going – we need to sell about 200 copies to be able to pay the artists that have done the internal illustrations for us! There is more information at

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give – spread the word!


    • freepartypeople Says:

      Sounds great! We originally thought of writing a book before we discovered the internet 😛

      Thanks for linking to us, much appreciate it. We’ve stuck a link to your site on our page too.

      We’ll write a review if you send us a copy, if you can spare one ;P

      • ben Says:

        Ha – I’m a luddite who loves the feel of a real book (though there is going to be a Kindle edition!)

        Thanks for the linking, and yeah, why not – email me a postal address to, and I will get a review proof sent to you.

        Cheers, and happy Friday!

    • Darren Worrow Says:

      Hi Ben, sounds good mate, I’ve liked the Facebook page, write a bit too. I’d be happy to pitch a review/feature to the The Ocelot, a music magazine i sporadically write for, or elsewhere, for the blag of free kindle copy!

      All the best with it. Darren.

  16. dabadoo Says:

    Other parties that come to mind off the top of my head:
    21st june 1992 busted spiral tribe on the isle of dogs london
    Shitloads of London squatt parties (not always free in though):
    Peckham dole house 1988 to 1989 or 1990
    Night School Stockwell winter 1991/92
    lady flo in deptford/new cross 1992
    that mutoid waste yard in camberwell, went on for a long time
    LSDiezel Arches in camberwell road (next to the bus garage) went on for a long time too
    Brixton dole house, which then turned into Cool Tan went on for years
    the voice newspaper building next door to the above
    the original Cool Tan on Effra road brixton
    the soapy joe’s party and the other one next door on effra road in brixton (rave + bands, remember seeing the levellers there)
    the roundhouse (spirals I think) winter of 1991
    some massive rave in a huge warehouse right behind kings cross with a punk gig in the other half, whoever was running the rave was charging £5 or 10, but the punk gig was free in, so you didn’t actually need to pay to get in, february 8 1992 that one, i have the punk gig flyer somewhere, I’ll try and scan it.
    The generator factory in deptford
    shit loads of warehouses in the north acton to park royal industrial estates
    And also the Exodus collective festivals and parties (but maybe that was later in the 90s though)
    There was the Vox Populi sound system as well from round new cross/deptford way, all their parties were free in, except once when they asked for donations due to too many busted speakers, they were nearly in tears trying to explain they felt really bad about asking for money. They also had one (can’t remember the ywear) after the cambridge strawberry fair in some vicarage: cue lots of confused churchgoers on the sunday morning wondering what all the gurners were there for.
    The vicarage in osnaburgh st near Gt portland street station, this went on for years and years too, definitely from before 1988 to 1994-ish
    I also went to a couple of Spiral raves in paris, I think for xmas day and NYE 1992, the NYE one was particularly good on a railway depot siding, amongst piles of coal covered in snow, seeing a lot of really confused trendy parisians in high eels and short skirt wondering why this was “the place to be”, and some excellent mushrooms that night
    too many to list
    too many to accuratelly remember (no prize for guessing why 🙂 )

  17. alexanderjbuck Says:

    Wow, I have been transported right back in time. Great memories. A couple more for memory locker.

    After Tribal Gathering in Warminster 1993 – May 1st for a couple of days – it was in an airfield with a disused air hanger – which was falling to bits and was shaking at the foundations with the bass. Dangerous, but who would know about these things. This was a great party and sent me into space after the shenanigans of Tribal Gathering. The place got raided by the rozzers and then the usual stand off ensued. They let the party go on until they could get enough officers to deal with it. Great!

    Another one was at Dungeness near the nuclear power station. Wasn’t very well attended this one, but it went on.

    Does anyone recollect one being a button factory in West London/North West London. I have serious issues remembering anything else as I met with a hole named ‘k’ and jumped right in. I didn’t leave this great hole for sometime.

  18. alexanderjbuck Says:

    I think that rave everyone is going on about in Stroud where the rozzers arrrived and blocked off the road, was defo after Tribal Gathering in 93. That was the first Tribal, down in Warminster, Wiltshire. It almost certainly wasn’t an air hanger, more like an farmers outfield building. I remember seeing the queues of people trying to get onto the site.

    I also remember a huge green bus……..old school.

  19. Steph Says:

    Excellent blog, some amazing memories 🙂

    Not sure if you guys have seen this, but Mark from Spiral Tribe is currently writing ‘the book’, more info here:

  20. Lou Harwood Says:

    Was anyone at the Berlin Mutoid/Spiral Tribe/Circus Irritant festival…’94 maybe…its the one when everyone was getting bad infected wasp stings. The mutoids did Car Henge and had a jetfighter off a crane… We performed aerials off an old crane too. The riot police walked in and closed it all down though…ive got some photos somewhere too. Lou

  21. Mike Edwards Says:

    The Castlemorton festival went on from fri night to sun/mon. The band i was in at the time played to thousands on the fri night from the back of a fruit and veg lorry. Mesculin and peach brandy swEEEEt!

  22. Deepee Says:

    just found this thread,wiked,reminising about the wickedest time in my life,site living from 1989 to 1996,me and my K9 and Safari trailer,i remember leaving Pudges farm in 92 for Lechlade,we had a convoy of about 10 to 15 vehicles,after having a wicked fight with the pigs before leaving we managed just to get out un damaged,we then headed for ingleston common in the cover of night,but we could’nt get into Avon/summerset,the pigs just escorted us back out of the county again we tried,this time they herded us towards wiltshire,every travellers dreader than dread,us in the bigger vehicles stayed up front and ran several road blocks,we could’nt get back into gloustershire so we headed back up to hereford worscester,and were planning to park up for much neede rest near malvern,because of the pigs forcing us to drive for nearly a week solid we were all skint,from filling up all the time ,so we had to cyphan deisel to be able to move,the pigs soon forced us on again this time to Castle morton,we got there at night i think the sunday night,when it got light we saw we were among the first 20 or so vehicles there,for that next week,it was a constant flow of vehicles all week,day and night,out of my 7 years on the road it was the best festival/gathering i went too,one event that really stuck in my mind that week was a punter raped a girl,he was found,tied up on stage beaten to shit and force fed acid for what seemed like days,then he was dumped somewhere off site,on a happier note,what a party,fuck,any traveller that knows that area knows vigilantes are a problem,we were having threats all week that the site was gonna get set alight,but as the week went on there was just too many of us,any vigilantes would have been sorted out,DiY were awesome,DJ EMMA had a wicked set,all of DiY did,nice one guys,never forgotten,wish i knew where all my mates from that time are now,i’ve since spent years abroad,anyway,like i said wickEd times

  23. Deepee Says:

    Also,just located the books,Medeival Brigands,Traveller Homes,Steph,is that you,our leader?

  24. Deepee Says:

    just read Matt and Paulas bit on peasedown,what a fukin wet one,i remember seeing nick and annies albion just chug off,and Roy running around in his K9 weighing in Spiders scrap,me and polly were having a real laugh with those kids having a mud fight,i remember this really straight american camper pulling on site,by mistake definitely,by the end of the day it was sprayed with love cabbages and free party people,it was a real bad entrance,i did’nt have my K9 there just a blat car,good laugh though.

  25. Deepee Says:

    Chipping Sodbury,91,the Orb,Paul,Paul,TaT,polly,Anne,Astral,Merv,Kath,bev,Jono,Dan and Borris the dog,pete,nick,annie,janu,jem,and Shelly rest in peace sweetheart.big big love.miss ya

  26. Kate Says:

    Amazing memories reading this, esp. Castle Morton and Great Mills warehouse in Stroud. Anyone remember the free party in the warehouse (barn?) by membury service station? One of the ends was opened as the sun came up to ‘here comes the sun’. Also, free party at Wellington by the monument where the old bill turned up with riot gear and it turned into an us vs. them showdown. And the DIY party in Wedmore? Also all the free parties at Nunney Catch? Lots of Lazy House parties in the woods near Exeter already mentioned – can’t remember where exactly or when!

  27. jenna Says:

    Hi, I really like your sight and that left me thinking. . . you might really like this book that recently came out it takes you through the 90’s rave scene in the realist way imaginable, through these teenagers journey.
    you can get it at amazon I posted a link

    Thanks 4 the site, Jenna

  28. Nina Says:

    Hello all, I am putting a radio programme together in the Gloucestershire area, looking for peoples memories of free parties, you can remain anon its fine I can someone else to voice things. if you could get in contact that would be great, I am happy to provide my work e mail addresses and phone numbers.

  29. Womble Says:

    Lov to get backn in touch with any one from the good times now just a lonely old weed farmer but the news ov Shane has ripped me to bits

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Hi,does anyone remember going to early DIY parties in and around Nottingham early 90’s also Smokescreen they were my favourite DJ’s especially Emma,Digs and Woosh,and DK with DIY,awesome,we were parked in the park near Tash’s flat,me Pittou,Andy with his blue Q4 and Tony,he had an FG with a mad caravan conversion on the back with a bay window up top,mental build,i think Shelly(rest in peace shel)was parked at the warehouse where DIY were playing,Must say Smokescreen also wicked,DIY played many festies that 91-92 time and im gutted I have no more tapes of them,if anybody does,let us know here.changing subject to first comment at top of page,Camberwell bus depot,we pulled on for a party there before Crim justice bill demos,I drove Astrals Bus down from Pudges Farm outside Bishops Frome in Herefordshire,a break from Twiddling,i think it was Camberwell,it was a disused bus depot,good time wicked party,microdots were bang on.Did anyone go to those festivals on a farm in gloustershire put on by Hippies,forgotten the name of the farm,ill check in the scroll on the left,would be 89,90,91, we were parked on the flatlands in somerset at the time,it was probably the most one of the most beautiful sites i’d parked,it was like something out of Avalon,misty mornings,barn owls swooping at sun set as we all gathered for tongues at the fire,wiked days,the other good thing about the site was the pigs could get any machines on to evict us,as each side of the 600yrd long site there were 6foot ditches each side so the the bill decided to trap us in there by digging an 8ft deep by 6 ft wide ditch across our single track entrance so at night we dragged to blat cars to the trench and pushed em in,problem solved,we could again drive out,the pigs didn’t try again,but it was this festival on this farm I cant remember that we all left for about 30 vehicles.When we neared this Festival/farm we all stopped in a huge lay by near to refuel,have a smoke,a brew as we’d been travelling all night,then the Organisers turned up who I knew from my days in Mid Wales, supposed to be Old Peace Convoy veterans,they said we wouldn’t be allowed in,we thought fuck your now middle class standards,we weren’t Brew Crew,we couldn’t believe it so we went and pulled on with the biggest vehicles going first.once we were all on we had a wicked time,i made loads pulling people/punters in their cars out of the mud,i say loads but it was more like a can for pulling you out,but it was loads to me,i ended up with 40 or 50 sure this festy was near the weird zone.

  31. deepee Says:

    I’m trying to remember the name of the festy that I mentioned a bit earlier in my comment,one event that sticks in my mind was in the middle of the night in the mud and pissing rain a RL with a belly winch trying to winch up a 6 wheel Scammel at the bottom of this hill,it was so muddy I could only just get up it diagonal in my K9,i was sure the cable was gonna snap,anyway they gave up as it couldn’t do it,great watch though

  32. Jel Cafc Weeks Says:

    Did anyone go a small illegal rave underneath a taxi office in Peckham around 1989. Packed out and so hot down there. Was a blinding night , playing all the biggest tunes and I remember leaving around 6am on a Sunday morning. One great event.

  33. Steph Says:

    All gone very quiet on here last few years. Hope for some new updates sometime in the future – an excellent blog and plenty of parties/festivals that still haven’t been covered I’m sure. Fingers crossed!

  34. Hilly Says:

    Just been looking through my diaries and found a couple of parties not yet mentioned.
    May 15 1993- DIY , near Stonehenge. 2and half white burgers! Absolutely ace, Marquee in clearing, atmosphere ace. I think it was real close to a village ?

    July 3 1993- Ace party at Minehead. 1 white burger. Ace atmosphere. Police shut it down at 6am. Right next to Butlins !

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Bedlam in Camberwell bus garage was great, I remember people dancing on top of an old fire engine with a totally different mix of people mas well. I must have been about 16 but remember it like yesterday.

  36. paul jefferies Says:

    Just come across your site,magic.Been trying to track down stuff from st pancras station before eurostar. The system was UNsound, wicked nights.loved traveling down from cheltenham.My system is Skullduggery(still alive and kicking)invoved in a fair few parties in the south west,bristol area.Mutant dance,Animators,RIP Ade.Ninja hippies the list is endless,but Golden, Steart beach,so many systems now that was one magicaly insane week.Have just rebuilt my system as it got nicked in wales,hey ho move on,Its now more powerful 20k and the lightshow i have is cracking.But alas its finding somewhere to party,would love to be involved again dont seem to be any enthusiasm for breaking the the law these days?

  37. Darren Worrow Says:

    Hi, great site. I’ve good reason to believe I was there with my hands in air in those heady rave days; even managed to retain some fond memories too.

    Are you on the lookout for new writer? I’m a professional writer but willing to contribute free if I can ramble on about those crazy days.

    • freepartypeople Says:

      Cheers! Yes, we’re always on the lookout for new writers 🙂 If you can remember anything about any of the events we cover (or about any of the events we missed out on, as long as they’re in the UK, free, and between ’90 and ’94), just comment on the post and question. Write more than a paragraph and we promise to add it to the main post.

      • Darren Worrow Says:

        allo, further to this i tried to post a story about Cassington on that page but it doesn’t seem to post; any known reason, or if it doesn;t work i could email it you.

      • freepartypeople Says:

        Sorry about the massively late reply Darren! If you have a longer text, probably best to just email it freepartypeople at yahho dot co dot uk, not sure if wordpress allows long comments…

      • Darren Worrow Says:

        Yep all cool, just emailed it to you!

      • freepartypeople Says:

        Can’t see it, just realised I spelt the address wrong :/ should be freepartypeople at yahoo dot co dot uk

    • Jordan Says:

      Hello Darren! I am a second year student at BIMM Bristol and I am currently looking for people to ramble about those crazy days as primary research to support a report I am writing entitled ‘How did the Second Summer of Love impact the sonic
      properties of contemporary music and production
      methodology?’, If you would like to share your experiences and memories with me it would add a great deal of depth to my report and would be hugely appreciated! All information shared will be anonymous of course. If this is something that interests you, drop me an email at Thanks!

    • Darren Worrow Says:


  38. Jordan Says:

    Hello there!

    My name is Jordan, I am a second year student at BIMM (British and Irish Modern Music Institute) and I am writing a report on UK Free Parties and Raves! I am currently looking for people to interview about their experiences during this time as primary research. If you would like to participate- please send me an email to so we can chat further. Participation will be anonymous, and any information shared will only be available to myself and my lecturer. I believe this time in UK music history is the turning point of not only underground culture, but the birthplace of dozens of unique and creative genres that we all know and love today. I am eager to hear what you all have to say, and may I just add I love this blog series- it will be featured heavily in my report! Thank you!

  39. Jordan Says:

    Hey there everyone, I’m back once again! Some of you have come forward expressing your interest in taking part in my project, it really does mean a lot to me and will be a big help in charting the history of this important time in UK music history and culture. For some of you that want to participate, but don’t want to talk to me directly, you can alternatively take part by filling out this questionnaire that I have made! – All responses are massively helpful and completely anonymous. Thanks again for letting me post some comments on this wonderful blog! If you would like to be interviewed, please email me at and we can chat further. All the best!

  40. Bob Says:

    Did anyone remember big do in a pig farm it was when you used to hang around a phone box waiting for directions there was a name on the flyers like the ———–‘??? it wernt far from m25 I li ed in Staines wham at the time

  41. Dan Cartel Says:

    admin can you please email me? many thanks

  42. Tony Says:

    Hiya, my name is Tony and I am trying to get any information about a party I went to at the Glastonbury festival in 1990, I think it was in a big tent and the Mutoid waste company were also involved

  43. Tony Says:

    The Mutoid Waste Party, Glastonbury festival 1990, The best Party I’ve ever been to 😵

  44. Tony Says:

    Mutoid Waste company party, Glastonbury 1990, best party I’ve ever been to, I can still remember it like it was yesterday 😊

    • Anonymous Says:

      I am in paris, France . I was living in
      Camberwell .south east London.. yeah.. Did so many party. I was living with the sound «  box populy «  big al and maze … best time in my life

    • Nate Says:

      I am in paris, France . I was living in
      Camberwell .south east London.. yeah.. Did so many party. I was living with the sound «  vox populy «  big al and maze … best time in my life

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