23rd November 1991: Free Party at Staravia factory, Ascot, Berkshire

NB This post refers to the first party at this site. For the second party, the week after, please read this post: https://freepartypeople.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/30th-november-3rd-december-1991-spiral-tribe-and-circus-warp-free-party-at-staravia-factory-ascot-berkshire/

We’d heard about this before, but thanks again to Snufkin for filling us in on some of the details:

That Ascot party was awesome. Last day of November 1991 and it was cold, minus ten at least I’d say. We had been living there ten days or so, on the site of a demolished jet engine factory called Staravia. The site had been used for storing  pea gravel so there were mounds of the stuff everywhere and huge ruts frozen solid.

We held a party the previous week, had no tent, but the factory site was a big concrete pad with rows of pine trees down both sides, so we borrowed (?) some scaffolding and tarps and strung up a makeshift marquee. We had no rig either, the one we usually used wasn’t available, but we phoned a number from the classified adds in Sounds and managed to book 6k of brand new Peavey Turbosound. The owners were bikers who had never seen anything like us, but fair play, they were up for it. The party rocked, for a few days and Easygroove played. In  the morning he asked if we would host his birthday bash. Sure we said, if we ain’t evicted. We had been partying and being moved on for a few months by then. We were all quite surprised to still be there on Friday.

Here’s a map: http://wikimapia.org/9626663/Spiral-Tribe-Rave

Any memories from this one, anyone?


3 Responses to “23rd November 1991: Free Party at Staravia factory, Ascot, Berkshire”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    i to lived on that site and took part in organising that rave and must say it was a wicked party the 2nd one was a bit iffy as Bristol crew where up with eazygroove for his birthday and as i remember people where getting mugged at knife point and we didn’t make any money on our drinks cos all of Bristol’s burger van and ice cream van where there!!! ….. miss them care free dayz

  2. Shaun Holmes Says:

    Ascot was a a brilliant party, had a real good laugh with me mates that night, despite the weather being Antarctic!

    A brilliant memory was seeing a mate of mine, cutting a swath through the dance floor whilst pulling a running generator behind him! Classic!!. Sadly he’s no,longer with us, but fair play to you Pete Hughes 🙂

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The first party was better but smaller. Much of the work for these parties was done by residents on the site and their local friends, although some of the credit was taken by others. It was a great place to live with some fun people but we all remember the cold.

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