9th May 1992: Spiral Tribe Free Party on Selsey Common, Stroud, Gloucestershire

UPDATE 18.3.11: Most commenters are saying this was pre-Castlemorton,and we just noticed a reference to Lechlade (misspelled as Lechale) being the previous weekend in this newspaper article, so we’ve changed the title. If anyone can confirm the date, please let us know in the comments! Thanks πŸ™‚

Eric sent us this clipping from the paper. Nice one πŸ™‚

A mate of ours remembers that the police turned up at some point to try and shut it down, realised it was too big to stop, and buggered off again πŸ™‚ …

Here’s some more memories:

a guy pulled a gun on someone and spiral stopped the music and said that it wasn’t on, so get the fuck out of here.. all the ravers boo’d the gun guy until he had no choice but to leave.

music back on, party continued.

it was a pretty crazy party all told. getting there was quite a mission as well, climbing up that hill. I think the soundsystem caught fire at the beginning, or some wires did anyway. and then eventually it all kicked off. great place to see the sunrise as well.

edit: also pretty funny to see people walking their dogs in the morning. what must they have thought!

Does anyone have an exact date for this? Or any more detailed memories?

Anyone who’s looking for the 1991 event should go here: https://freepartypeople.wordpress.com/2009/10/02/21st-september-1991-free-party-at-great-mills-stroud-gloucestershire/

11 Responses to “9th May 1992: Spiral Tribe Free Party on Selsey Common, Stroud, Gloucestershire”

  1. HardCore Bob Says:

    I wnt to this and remember having to walk up the hill,

    Beano was there from Bedlam and they had trouble with the rig at first and the bill did turn up at night but couldn’t stop it as it was to big.

    I the night some Geezer pulled a gun and was trying to steal peoples Trainers, so the Rig stopped and every one boooed the Twat and he left.

    I remember walking to the edge in the moring as the sun was coming up and you could see for miles, it was blinding.

    The bill did eventually come and stop it ,so spiral tried to move it back to there site but the bill was on top of it and it never kicked off.

    I think it was Selsey Common , April 92.


    freepartypeople say: Thanks again Bob! I’ve changed the title of this post to include ‘Selsey Common’ rather than ‘Stroud Common’.

  2. Jamie tootall Says:

    Was at this one.
    Hell of a job carrying gennies and rig up the side of the hill as the police would’nt let us use the wee side road to the top.
    Met up with a mate who I grew up with but hadn’t seen for ten years, Darren who was with Spiral.
    First K experience too. Odd.

  3. Shaun Brain Says:

    Hi there. I remember the selsley common free party .for many reasons..if youn want to know more please feel free to contact me as i was at most of the free party’s….It was the weekend following the Castlemorton massive free party which was held on whitson bank holiday weekend May..So it would be around the 29th May?? It was busted on the Sunday afternoon.. πŸ™‚

  4. Fisher.bristol Says:

    Looking for info on party same wkend as glasto 92.maybe taunton area.really hot and dusty.spiral party I think

  5. ailike831@hotmail.com Says:

    on the way to sprial tribe in stroud at great mills driving a renault van with a mattress in the back and full of party heads….Mister V, Robski, Mush, Flanners, Jess, Clare Vile, Horse (RIP) and plenty others cannot remember. Coming under the bridge into Stroud and the car in front was nicked and two people rolled it under the bridge and then legged it.

    Party….remember the floor in the warehoue was wet…..puddley….wicked music…possibly red n blacks that night….eat em up yum yum……

    morning time…..quarry lorries blocking the roads off so no more could get into stroud and party….

    happy frickin days

  6. Tex Says:

    Hi. We all travelled down from Camberley to this one. I remember the police just gave up and escorted us thru the village to the the rave. It was defo before Castle morton thou, im sure that was in june. Happy daze.

  7. alexm Says:

    This party happened before Castlemorton. I got a flyer for the castlemorton event that night and still have it. I thought it was on the last weekend of April that year. We’d driven down from Yorkshire to be there.I remember the coppers on the way up the hill saying it was off so when we ended up getting to the party we were well chuffed. You could see some lovely Cotswolds hills and the river severn . It was an amazin setting. On top of Selsley common in a bowl. All the vehicles lined up above around the bowl . You had to run up the side of the bowl to escape it and a few fucked ravers couldnt as it was bit to muddy .Lots of proper ravers. Who remembers the man dancin on the speaker stack. He must of been a circus performer on acid.Or the hard fucking looking black geezar. Iron jawed. . I remember a black dude and a hippie having an argument and a gun getting pulled out. Then there were chicks skipping amongst the daisys. Hills blowing rings into the sky. Stroud was a lego land. Clothes were animating colours. Speaker stack was a waterfall surrounded by jungle vines. The sky cracked into plates from the contra trails from the planes. I had to ask my mate at one point if this girl was really spotty or if I was fucked. Peoples teeth seemed to be really weird that nite too πŸ˜‰ And one girl in particular just made me drop my jaw. Then I was to fucked to talk to her. A classic.

  8. EX-RAVER-LEB Says:

    Before Castlemorton! Wasn’t the best party! Remember a black guy being singled out by someone on the microphone and the music stopping about 6am. He’d apparently been taxing people in the nightime and now he’d been identified. About 1000 people just turned and looked in his direction and started booing and shouting abuse. Now the story goes like this, some travellers grabed him and took him down the hill to some coppers. They told them that this guy had robbed some people and what are they gonna do about it? These coppers said we ain’t gonna do anything so the travellers dealt with it themselves and gave him a good hiding! Good I say! We left around 10am just before the police shut it down…

  9. Gloucester Says:

    I think it was spring 1992. Selsley common was def before Castlemorton. I remember it being a great party but not as good as the party at salmon springs – also at Stroud. We travelled from Gloucester so we didn’t have far to go.

    The party itself was in what looked like an old quarry covered in grass because there was a huge dip where all the ravers danced and lined around the top were the systems, cars, vans and drink sellers. I remember the black mc with his head mic dancin around. I also remember the mugger because I’ve met him. He was also from Gloucester. I just remember that I was talking to my mate who was selling the drinks (RIP) and then everyone started chasing someone down a hill. It looked as though they were after blood. I didn’t follow them cos I didn’t want to see what was going to happen. As it turned out I don’t think he was really hurt that much. Next thing everyone came back and carried on with the party. We left in the morning. Happy days!!!

  10. Gloucester Says:

    Castlemorton was 21st May 1992. Today is the 20th anniversary people! How mad is that?

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