24th October 1992: Frequency Oblivion at Crossways, Dorset

We know there was a party at Crossways in Dorset on this date but do we know anything else about it? Nope. Help us fill in the gaps if you can!

12 Responses to “24th October 1992: Frequency Oblivion at Crossways, Dorset”

  1. Frequency Oblivion sound system « UK Free Parties and Free Festivals 1990-1994 Says:

    […] 29 May 1993: Frequency Oblivion at Batcombe Down picnic area, Dorset 24th October 1992: Frequency Oblivion at Crossways […]

  2. Dom Strong Says:

    Have a feeling this was the one that was busted, not sure where it was exactly as we got a lift from Weymouth in a escort van, no one could get on site as the entrance track had been blocked with earth, after a bit of chin stroking a big builder type bloke on speed attacked it with a shovel and we were soon in.
    The building was a sort of barn, maybe for a quarry or something, not sure there was a farm here, system was good, got a bit messy on pills, had a dance, met some old friends, then the old bill marched in and fucked it all up, I heard the system had to be carried through the woods to get it out but that’s just rumors.

  3. Gary Says:

    Are u sure this was not at lytchett matravers near dorchester

  4. Justin Light Says:

    This party was at Crossways in an old quarry warehouse. It looked like it wasn’t gonna go off, the police were all over it from early on! We managed to dig the road side bank out to get the rig into the warehouse and get the party started. Details are kinda vague but i remember waiting in the back of a yellow transit in the woods with my rig in the morning waiting for the police to dissapear.

    They didn’t so the rig was confiscated for a few weeks and we ended up in the cells for a few hours!

    • Anonymous Says:

      im trying to find any reports or pics about lytchett matravers or maiden newton parties – i was so battered at those parties and the music was amazing , around 95 – 97 lots of trance and acid , noom and prolekult records were v popular and tangerine dreams pills or cali sunrises as i remember them , so strong all i can remember is going into a farm courtyard at either lytchett or maiden ( need pics !! ) and hearing this echo around – noom 13 commander tom – are am eye , the classic of that peroid of acid trance before it all went too bonkers

      and the sound of someone racing around on a dune buggy , lol i swear there was a buggy and you could give the owner a fiver to be taken for a spin ! if you can help me piece these fucked up noises and images together in some semblance of clarity or more details as to these parties you will make me very happy !! keep having flash backs and no clubbing / raving experience has come close ! lol

  5. Clair Says:

    If I’m right that’s when it was in a barn, 2 x old bill tried to stop it but were bottled & had helmets nicked etc so they left but then tried driving up to barn but got patrol car stuck!! Party carried on till the morning much to their disgust! Cx

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Toby Tee found the flyer for Maiden Newton for our birthday party (Jake, Will, Emma). It was a kicking party…think we should have reunion just need a field and sound system…that’s all we need (we have the music – Justin & Ben :))


  7. party Says:

    charmouth tunnel was awesome flying test tubes i recall

  8. Marty McFarlane Says:

    and affpuddle woods the very first time i danced with the k devil in the plain moolight

  9. Tobias Booth Says:

    It was my Birthday and I remember it vividly!
    It was in one of the disused quarry buildings and was indeed raided by Police but they were surrounded and one had their Hat removed which was subsequently worn by many!
    Their Police cars didn’t fare very well either..
    It rained, alot, the roof of the knackered old warehouse leaked like a sieve, but the music played all night long :o) !!

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