Comments please! :)

A big ‘make some fuckin noise’ goes out to all the visitors to this blog, very happy that you’re interested in this stuff 🙂 If you keep visiting, we’ll keep updating!

If anyone has anything to say about these parties/soundsystems/scene then please add a comment. We have to moderate the comments but we nearly always publish them.



6 Responses to “Comments please! :)”

  1. Az Says:

    Great to see a collection of memories from this classic free party era (Glad to see someone’s brain cells still have recall capability):P

    I part of the gloster krew that added mass to the weekly convoy’s heading to various party’s from 89 to 93. Head gasket blew in 93 :P.

    From Forest Hill, to Cassington, From Stroud to the Welsh Valley’s , From Spiral parties in London to fuck knows where climaxing in THE 2 historic events of THE century – Lechlade and Castlemorton

    Keep up the input as I like to be reminded where I ended up most Friday nights

  2. Dib Says:

    Hello i don’t hunderstand all (im french) but thanks for movies & sound 🙂

  3. watermouse Says:

    i just found nice vid of GOLDEN HILL FORT,TREASURE ISLAND a rave on the isle of wight back in 91.thought u might like to added it to site.

    quality vid

    • Anonymous Says:

      WOw !!!! I was there, although haven’t recognised myself in Vids.

      Quite truthfully, this is footage of the absolute best day / night if my life.

      No words can describe how good the E’s made you feel back then. Real life affirming stuff. Kids and job now etc etc but very much a deep down understanding that life is suppose to be a little bit more than it is, after knowing how happy it can (or should) be possible to be.

      Hail all that experiences the same.

      And I quote from one of the MC’s that evening ….”You Lot, bang out if order, that’s why we lurvv Yaaaaa”…. Haha

      Know where did I put my coffee again? 😉

  4. Grand Moff Tarkin Says:

    I didn’t have anything beyond a giro (one day of glee every two weeks!) back then and a thumb that were handy for hitch hiking so film let alone a camera would have been a luxury however I am so glad other people did have the coin and interest to record for history for it is indeed now history. Big Love for doing this blog and Big Love to all who are contributing. What a time to have lived, we are all very lucky people! Big Love!

  5. andy Says:

    I was the twat in the Subhumans t-shirt…yes the times(pills) to be had back then…raves, free festy`s it was bliss…wot have our kids got now? a few undergroung festy`s r still going if u know where to look 🙂

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