22nd February 1992: Bedlam free party at Unigate warehouse, Park Royal, London

Update 21.10.12: Another diary extract from http://simonmathewson.blogspot.co.uk/

Diary entry:
Dance, dance, dance, dance. Non-stop fucking getting lost, Tom – K case, eyes bulging out, saw Grooverider or some DJ total fossilised face.
I don’t remember much about this party; according to my diary entry I danced a lot, so the music and drugs must have been good.  There was a big bonfire outside the warehouse and at sunrise, as the drugs were wearing off I was invited out by a friend of mine to smoke some MDMA. That got me feeling pretty mashed again. For some reason I then found myself sat in DJ Loftgroover’s beige Jaguar, and I thought he looked like he had a fossilised face.

An anonymous contributor to the blog sent us this report:

Where to start? This was year zero for me in terms of parties, the first of which took place on February 22nd in a disused Unigate warehouse on a defunct industrial estate somewhere in West London.

We had originally intended to travel to a local party in the adjoining county, but as we were driving from meeting point to meeting point, we realised we were half-way to London anyway. Often, as the years progressed, this kind of mission ended in failure. But not this time.

We arrived, after a bit of fiddly driving, at a vast warehouse with large fires burning outside. This was situated on a large patch of rubbly wasteground adjoining the main road.

I remember remarking at the time that I felt like I was in a foreign country. There is nothing quite like realising that you have just entered a country within a country where no/new rules apply and the only goal is hedonism. The party seemed to be everlasting (although us lightweights chickened out by Sunday afternoon).

I can still remember the pit-of-the-stomach, wobbly legged euphoric feeling of entering that warehouse. We had to enter via a door in the upper part of the warehouse, and descend a staircase into the depths of the party, all the while getting a bird’s eye view of the deafening and blinding spectacle. There was an incredibly intense vibe. The place was full of people dancing. The music was very hard, the lighting minimal. My first proper party was everything my friends had told me to expect  and more.

There was one point in the night where I looked around for one of my travelling companions and he appeared at my side, however, as I looked, I started seeing double, and then in triplicate, and then there was a whole row of him!

The music I remember being very hard, the lighting was very minimal.

We felt like we were living in the future- the experience seemed so magical, so unlike anything in our everyday lives.

DJ’s? Unknown. Hours spent dancing? Can’t remember (but probably a lot). Amount of fun had? Immeasurable.

I picked up this flyer at the party:


9 Responses to “22nd February 1992: Bedlam free party at Unigate warehouse, Park Royal, London”

  1. Riddler ov Cheltenham Says:

    Who had the crap kicked outta them at Acton Lane, Easter Monday, by the ‘indiscriminate’ Met. Police? Join the club!

    • Macca1971 Says:

      I went to the Acton Lane party, but left Sunday lunchtime before the coppers kicked off.

      Only the second time I’d been out clubbing – fuck me, what an experience. 2 x Rhubarb & Custard caps certainly did a number on me.

      When I originally tried to leave, I walked round the corner to where I’d left my car. As I rounded the corner I saw 3 van loads of coppers parked next to my car. Deciding that getting into my car in front of the police, fucked out of my head, wasn’t the best move, I went back inside and danced for another couple of hours!

      That event truly opened my eyes.

  2. rayver Says:

    I remember the part for this flyer it was a box like warehouse on what is now the park royal cinema complex. It was a sweatbox and the walls were rattling like crazy as i think there was some corrugated iron in there. Good party

    scary thing was watching some old lady on the tube at 7 in the morning slicing off her cuticles from her nails..

    not a good comedown scenario, I hated the tubes after parties mixing with the straights on the journey home

  3. dan batham Says:

    that was a wicked party!i remember the bottom of the chimney stack had flames painted on it so it looked like a rocket blasting off and the room was called the departure lounge……….nice!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    this was just a bedlam party, the spirals were in hemel that weekend

  5. Anonymous Says:

    cops smashed thru the wall….The WALL!!! got brutal late sunday, Hardcore till i die, m@rco

  6. m@rco Says:

    yeh Acton lane got well fukin brutal late on sunday when loads of riot cops and TSG smashed thru the warehouse wall…..the WALL ffs!!!!!!! m@rco

  7. m@rco Says:

    park royal was a lush party, system was awesome…courtesy of big steve and co Respect to NCA everytime 🙂 Happy daze…m@rco

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