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Frequency Oblivion sound system

October 21, 2012

Can anyone help us fill in more details about the parties put on by this free party crew from Dorset? Any dates or locations? Flyers or photos?  Memories, however hazy? Let us know in the comments 🙂

Here’s a link to party reports on one of their dos: 29 May 1993: Frequency Oblivion at Batcombe Down picnic area, Dorset

They also put on a party on 24th October 1992. If you were there, visit this page and add your memories in the comments section: 24th October 1992: Frequency Oblivion at Crossways

A contributor sent us this:

I’ve been meaning to write a report on Frequency Oblivion’s free parties in Dorset. The parties were raw and outlaw. They were put on by DJ Diola and a few others whose names I can’t remember, from Dorchester. I first started attending when we realised we wouldn’t have to go all the way to London for an all night rave. These local heroes put on parties in the Dorchester area. I can remember attending a few but the only locations I can remember are Crossways, where I believe they put on a few parties, and a very muddy Batcombe Down.  In some ways these parties were even more intense and intimate than the larger warehouse parties and festivals put on by the better-known sound systems, because we knew half of the people around us. Occasionally these dos were indoors, but mostly they were in forest clearings and picnic areas. They got busted at least once, but mysteriously got their rig returned in record time.

29 May 1993: Frequency Oblivion at Batcombe Down picnic area, Dorset

October 21, 2012

Here’s a report from :

Diary entry:

Very wonky ketamine, sooper speeding into space on a stormy boat. Mental muddy. So stringy Tai Chi movements, seriously who am I and do I care – whose anyone? Just move like this it’s ace.
Lying in the boot of X’s mum’s car; the rain lashing down; hard distorted techno coming out of the sound system, everyone on ketamine. Feeling like we were in a rocket rushing through a space storm. In the morning saw loads of K heads dancing on their knees in the mud and the DJ (Diola?) playing some Hawaiian steel guitar as the rain continued to pour down.

Here’s a report from an anonymous commenter:

The weather was so awful I think we ended up spending most of the party squashed up in someone’s car, getting to know new people who had clambered into the boot! I’m still friends with one of them today, by the way. Ketamine had become quite popular, and the combination of a rainy, muddy, windswept picnic area, wobbly, up for it party people, and nosebleed techno added up to a pretty loopy party. I, too,  remember seeing people dancing to Hawaiian steel guitar music on their knees in the mud as it was getting light, and exhortations (maybe on the mic) from someone trying to get us to dance rather than cower in our cars. It was always risky to bring your rig out so it must have been disappointing to have made the effort only to be rewarded with the site of load of cars parked up, still with their passengers inside. I blame the weather. And the K, to some extent, but in those days K was cheap and new and fun, and, had the weather been better there would have been heaps of us wobbling about on the dancefloor. There were parties, too, though, even early in the nineties, where people really had overdone it on K and were lying around semicomatose. Not really an up for it happening party crew! I have the same feelings about GBL/GHB abuse. Anyway, at this early stage, K was fun, and made you feel like a drunk, happy, chatty robot. I can’t remember anything alse apart from was a confusing ketamised visit to the loo (er, not a loo as such but a very steep slope covered with nettles). Happy days.

16th October 1993: Bedlam and/or Advance Party at derelict hospital, Hammersmith, London

September 6, 2012

Thanks again to for the memories. Can anyone tell us which soundsystem this was for certain, and any other details about location? Thanks!

Diary entry:
Spiral Tribe – Hammersmith
and then…I don’t think so! Weird E’s that make you sick 6 hours later. Warm and tingly, empty head. Um…

The last free party I went to was in a disused (mental?) hospital in Hammersmith. The music was harder than ever; too fast to dance to and really distorted, with a barely decipherable Skallywag MCing over the top. The atmosphere was very edgy and the handful of people that were gathered round the sound system were kind of moshing. A running battle was taking place across the inside of the derelict building. Fired up on ketamine and Special Brew, the Bedlam crew were lobbing glass bottles across the room. On the opposite side some other ravers were smashing the bottles with dustbin lids held like shields, shards of glass were raining down across those that were brave enough to be on the dance floor.

23rd January 1993: Spiral Tribe Free Party at Brent Cross, London

September 3, 2012

UPDATE 04/09/12:

Here are some photos taken at and around this party by photographer Pete Dibdin:

Photos courtesy of Pete Dibdin whose work can be found at

UPDATE 13/08/12: 

23 January 1993
Spiral Tribe
Disused Depository, Brent Cross, London
Diary entry:
Fucking too fucking good the most violent aggressive unmusical music I ever heard, fast noteless, tuneless grinding noise. Gave Mark lift in Tom’s car. Mental building.

Not sure how we got to this party but when we arrived Tom asked me if I could go and pick up Mark from Spiral Tribe, who was still back at their squat on Uxbridge Road. Tom couldn’t because he was too out of it on ketamine already. I’d just taken some drugs, so it became a race against time driving across London before I came up. I picked up Mark, Sebastian and Emily, all clothed in black bomber jackets and combats with shaved heads. I felt a bit old skool Day-Glo in my orange jeans and tie-dye T-shirt.

The music that night was relentless pounding techno. And outside was the best collection of matt black traveller vehicles I’d ever seen.

Many thanks to for the write up. He promised more of the same. Looking forward to it 🙂

UPDATE 30/09/09: Thanks to an old friend’s generosity we now have this flyer:

Rumours from a source very close to Spiral Tribe at the time indicated that this never happened due to one of them doing a runner with the money and spending it on crack. So much for the ‘positive energy matrix’! The flyer below is for the free event that happened in its place:

Was anyone else there? Anything to add?

Lazy House sound system

January 14, 2011

UPDATE: I just came across this article, apparently one of the old Lazy House crew now runs a cafe called ‘Lazy House’ in Thailand!

Deep cartel says:

Does anyone remember Lazy House? Classic house music free party crew based at a squat in Exmouth circa 1991-4 They had a very small rig but attracted huge crowds every weekend in the summer of 92. Parties were usually in Devon and they were at Smeatharpe. Dj`s: will, jonny t, aaron, Iain lazy Parties: Blackenstone Rock, Ashclyst Forrest, Chalice Wood, Woodbury Common, and many more Wow memories! I know the framed photo your thinking about and I know where it is now. Yeah it would`ve been mighty force and if I ask nicely I should be able to scan it, this was the first lazy party I attended. I`ve got two mixes, Lazy House vol 1, and Blackenstone Rock (bad quality). I also remember the backdrop which read lazy house-One Family. Diy dj`s often played and spawnee possee dj`s like Tigger and Justin. There is a brief account of a lazy house party with some pics on dj riddlers website. In 1993 a certain member of Lazy House wanted to be a dj so swapped the tiny rig for some decks.Some members of Lazy House including Will and Dom (spiral) and Lorien then formed “Sign On” and continued doing smaller parties throughout 93 which also evolved into Sketch (pawlette manor) . It`d be really nice to get a page up as they`re not anywhere on the web and they were some of the best parties of the time. By the way Smokescreen are still going! As are we and we sometimes have jonny t and will play in many of the same locations…. Dj will the simon dk of Lazy House…

Here’s a response from an anonymous contributor:

Thanks for the comment, deepcartel, I had been intending to write something about Lazy House. You’re dead right, absolutely classic parties :)The problem was, and this is a bit embarrassing, your parties were SO FUCKING GOOD, that my memories of them are a bit scatty.

I remember… forest clearings, great music, snowballs, a low canopy, shouting next to a river, our car having to be pushed through a ford ‘cos it broke down but we didn’t really care, leaning on my friends’ arm thinking it was a car window, massive convoys and meeting places, racing to get to the party site before the cops (I recall seeing a couple of guys sprinting across a field with decks shoved up their jumpers 🙂 )

etc etc.

I lived in Dorset at the time and didn’t drive, so I’d just clamber into someone’s car on a Saturday night and see what happened. I don’t know any of the locations of the parties I went to.

We enjoyed these because they were local, and because they were a welcome break from the facelessspiraltechno we’d all been following slavishly, although I have to say some people at the time HATED house music. The scene could be insular even back then.

The first thing I ever heard about Lazy House was when we visited a shop in Exeter (Mighty Force?) and saw a framed photo of a party. We asked the guy in the shop and he told us ‘Lazy House’.

UPDATE: Some dates that I do have a record of: 10/10/92 near Exeter, 8/5/93. Also an event on 8/11/92 called Upfront, where there were two marquees, one of which contained the Sketchy Crew sound system, full freepartypeople report here.

Mark (mharridge8787) says:I have a ‘Lazyhouse’ tape but I cant be sure of its origin. Its mostly late 80’s chicago house. I went to a party in a squat in Bloxham near Banbury, Warks on NYE 93/4 (i think) which I was told afterwards was a lazy house party… but having just learnt they were based in Exeter this seems unlikely. Was anybody there??

‘anonymous’ says:

Dutch Barrels/snow balls/china whites the strongest pills I`ve ever done. I`ve heard they were 140mg of mda made in a former eastern block country in ex government labs. Jaw chatter and eye wiggle for 12 hours…Also do you remember pcp and k pills called m25`s/crackerjacks/ lose it pills?

mistychelle says:

wow the memories,i share them too,anyone know where arrone(probably spelt wrong and ian smith think it was ,i had such a crush on arron). apres exmouth pavillion on to the lazy hose squat,fab,give anything to go back there for a night ..anyone have pics or mixes from those crazy nights???/ thanks to the lazy house crew for the memories i shall hold 4ever

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