21st-23rd June 1991: Circus Warp at Summer Solstice Free Festival at Peasedown St. John, Somerset

Update– The Spiral Tribe do at Rats Run/Longstock Free Festival, Hampshire was on the same weekend.

Shout going out to watermouse who alerted us to this video, thanks! And an even bigger shout out to dj jenjen (aka mis-chief) who shot the video 😀


18 thoughts on “21st-23rd June 1991: Circus Warp at Summer Solstice Free Festival at Peasedown St. John, Somerset

  1. This party was summer solstice. The same weekend Spirals were at Longstock free fez. I drove a 40ft bus through the gate getting in to Peasdown and ripped the side off. Circus warp played all through. Circus normal set up but as far as i know didnt get running. Rumor was police sabotaged the genny. Years later when in Portugal i heard this party referred to as the shitty pant festival. News to me as i didnt shit my pants, again folklore had it that the bass and the E’s were so good. Funny to hear it regardless. Great party, great days.

    1. PEASEDOWN 5000+! and it was a consolidated effort with the warped tent circus normals generator and sweat sound system.And yes someone cut the power cable we think other than that the weekend rocked.I saw dj dye play one of his best sets ever.I could go on forever about free parties enough to fill a book,but i find writing very hard

  2. the party was around the sametime as longstock and ringwood (stoney cross).we went to all three partys.the person who it came from is the dj jen jen (mis-chief).she played around that time with the likes of dj die, roy the roach.theres an old spiral flyer with all the dates on ill try and track it down.

  3. I can add this….first free rave (any rave for that matter! I went to was in Somerset / Avon and me Pete, Lisa and Emma (if you’re reading this) set off into the unknown. All we knew was that we were heading for a place called Peasedown St John. I remember very clearly asking a traveller where the rave was and he just kept saying “its raining” and we kept going “er…what?” and he said “Peasedown…..all the time” But I’m sure that actually we ended up at Radstock…wherever that is. Spiral Tribe were there. It was fucking mental and that weekend changed my life forever. I did 2 puple ohms within about 5 minutes of getting there. It did rain, but not until Sunday and the place turned into a boggy mess. Coppers were all stood outside, at the gates to the fieds, but didn’t come in and didn’t bother anyone. It was brilliant, great atmosphere, mixture of ravers in Fila and travellers with dreadlocks. I didn’t do any E, just Ohms….all weekend and Pete thought he saw God in the blue and red tent….looking back, it was probably that bloody sculpture!!!!


  4. found this bbc4 doc today about about the New Age Traveller scene in the UK. Includes footage of Stonehenge free Festivals, Battle Of The Bean Field, Castlemorton etc.thought id share it.could find a place to put it so tagged on here.

  5. Yep! Can remember this event better. Circus Warp tent and remember having to cough up cash for the generator every now and again. Lots of good pills about and quite a few peope too. Lost some mates on Sunday morning in a field on the way back to our car. All we could see were their heads bobbing up and down and as everyone was tripping it made quite a sight in massive corn field…Good party!

  6. just found some vids of illegal raves on southport beech from 1991.not sure which sound system it is. thought id post them.

    MAY 91


    another from 91

  7. just found some vids of free partys on southport beech from 1991



    another one

    not sure which system it is.

  8. i know that this is my video and was never asked if it was ok to use it on this site… nor have i seen any credit to my name anywhere :/ not that i actually mind (in the free party spirit) but a bit of respect goes a long way and it would have been nice to have been notified… aside from the respect angles, so i could link it up to my other works and websites …… peace

    1. Cheers for the message. One of the people who posts on here sent us the link and we thought it would be OK to post it, as it’s a great video from a scene which there isn’t really much video footage of. We didn’t mean to try and grab any credit for it for ourselves, and we’re really sorry if that’s how it seems. Just let us know if you want us to remove the Youtube link from our site.

      PS We just credited you for it, really sorry about not doing so at first!

  9. it’s dj jenjen )aka mis-chief) ..(not jenzen!- thats just my youtube pseudonym!)..thanks 🙂
    ive just noticed basil put a wee note halfway down the page ..thanks basil 🙂

  10. Yes this was the party that changed my social life till now even, still going to one or 2 free party’s!!! I came from pease down, Pilton was not on that yr (glasto) so this circus warp done this un, my first rave and f**king loved it.banging weekend+few days more. Our locals didn’t know wat to do, ha .police either but excellent to see clip from back then .wish was more of it, but every weekend from then it was some were different but same thing just partying,dancing having fun, until powers that be started fucking it up wen they could.but wouldn’t change none of it for the world .great days.

  11. Arrived there with my friend Aaron Liberator, we had a plan I was going to drop my first MDMA.
    I’d had anxiety issues for years, couldn’t relax with crowds but longed to get on the dance floor and party like I would years before, so as I loved the music I got involved with organising raves, I was there when Aaron, Chris and Jules Liberator decided that was going to be there name and helped organise there first warehouse rave in Hackney.
    So I’d watch people and saw how it worked with them and thought I can work with that, and I did, it worked and I never looked back, yes of course I took more in the years to follow, but with or without the anxiety was gone for good, you wouldn’t believe if you meet me know that I’d ever struggled in the past to leave my home. Lol, I have a near permanent smile and talk to everyone. 🙂
    Found this of Aaron playing in 1995 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDs3A1maOJM
    quite chuffed they’re still going.
    Thanks for sharing free party people x

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