DATE UNKNOWN, 1990: People From Pepperbox Free Party on Pepperbox Hill, Wiltshire

When did the first party at Pepperbox Hill happen? Let us know! One person said it was April, others suggested July or August, can anyone confirm? We have seen flyers for parties at this location dated 25th August and 1st September too…

An anonymous organiser gave us this tipoff. He…

was … involved with the”Pepperbox party’s”under the guise of”People From Pepperbox”,on the first occasion I was the first to arrive on site, where there was a B,B,C, radio transmitter vehicle,that was relaying a recital from Salisbury Cathedral, I made them aware of what was happening that everything,and they wisely decided to re-locate to a layby just down the road on the Southampton side, besides our own D,J,,North& South from Bournemouth, it was for many the first time that that we had the pleasure of”D,I,Y,,… there was no tent,and no admission charge,,, approximately 5,000 people attended according to the local papers (Salisbury Journal),where it made the front page

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