DATE UNKNOWN, 1990: People From Pepperbox and DiY Free Party at Barton Stacey Airfield, Hampshire

We do not have a date for this one, do you? Er, we thought we did, but it turns out we didn’t, long story 😀

Here are some comments from someone who was involved in this and the Pepperbox events:

Using my own vans to pickup the lighting system from a local company called”Stage Craft”, generator from myself, decks from”Hammy”,who I believe also found the site, really quite a low key event with no tent, arrived at about 17-00, Saturday set up and ran through to Sunday afternoon,M,O,D, police arrived around 8-30Sunday,had a quick look around,then left without saying a word (respect to them),,, a one night event with no-one on site,and no stage,dissused R,A,F base, which is why the M,O,D, police arrived,,,

Were you there? What was it like? I’d love to hear more, as would our readers!

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