24th-26th August 1991: Street Level Free Party in Cassington, Oxfordshire

Update: Darren sent us his account of the night, thanks Darren! 🙂

Freepartypeople: Heard about this a looong time ago but didn’t attend it myself. Allegedly went on for 3 days and was still running on the Monday, hence the dates at the top of this post (Saturday 24th to Monday 26th).

Were you there? What was it like? Please leave a message in the comments.

Found some great photos on this page:
http://www.its-all-about-flyers.com/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=768 Thanks to the original uploader, they’re great shots.

We also found a drawing of the party, which is a first for this site 🙂
The same Flickr user also uploaded a newspaper cutting about the party:
Thanks whoever you are! I thought I’d link to your page rather than just nicking the image, ‘cos that’s not nice, I like what you’re written as well.

And here’s an Easygroove and DiY tape from the event. I listened to it a while back and I remember there’s a funny bit where he gets on the mic and starts complaining about a lack of Special Brew ;P It was a bit tricky to find, but we finally tracked it down on a Polish website!


Also available on Youtube, but I don’t know whether this is the complete set or not:


26 Responses to “24th-26th August 1991: Street Level Free Party in Cassington, Oxfordshire”

  1. freepartypeople Says:

    We got the link wrong, sorry! It’s fixed now, try clicking the link again.

  2. John griffin Says:

    If anyone did yellow burgers Cassington weekend more than likely
    you bought them from me! i remember dropping a burger, denis the menace & a dove within hour & a half don’t remember much after that!!
    does anyone remember train stopping on the tracks & passengers staring
    at us all, didn’t a police helicopter hover done low over us all or was that
    a different party? it was a great party RIP Rory, John

  3. dancefloor abduction Says:

    yes i remember this party very well…. was from Reading and went to most of the Oxfordshire area parties. I remember the train stopping too! spent the entire weekend there…… happy times

  4. dancefloor abduction Says:

    a question….. what sound system did cassington and also the one further down the road @ the old airfield opposite cotswold wildlife park near Burford?

  5. Smiley Says:

    It was Street Level that put on Cassington. I think they did Shilton Airfield too, along with Enstone Airfield, Eynsham (one in a barn and one in the corner of a field), Little Farringdon and the list goes on. All of these parties could merit an entry of their own, along with the various Forest Hill parties. 1991 was an amazing year for free parties in Oxfordshire, but I think this one topped the lot. As Street Level put it ‘Oxfordshire, the place with all the biggest rave, the best raves, the place to be!’

    There are some more pictures from Cassington are on the Spiral Tribe website, here:

    There are also some from Tubney Woods (Bedlam and Spiral Tribe) and I think that some of the ones labelled as being from Cassington may not be, as they seem to be in the orange and blue marquee that I always associated with Circus Warp.

    • freepartypeople Says:

      Thanks for all the info, we’ll update the title of the post to include Street Level. We might do an entry on Shilton Airfield later…

      • Kerrse Says:

        Street Level did not do Little Farringdon we found that venue & organised various rigs to be there but as far as my memory serves me Street Level was not one of them

  6. Anonymous Says:

    i put that party on trying to a 20 years reunion this year Deano Eynsham

  7. x Says:

    Burford was Street Level with Circus Warp and Circus Normal (I think). Can any of u believe its 20 years ago this weekend that we all partied that quarry? Remember the trains stopping on the track next to it? Priceless…

  8. EX-RAVER-LEB Says:

    Right! This event has to be the best free party that I attended. It was open air and Street Level PA did the sound. Having come up on the Saturday straight after the first Universe rave in Bath on the friday night 30th August. Cassington was from Friday 30th August untill Bank Holiday Monday 2nd September. I spent Saturday there then came back to Bristol on the Sunday for some more little fellas and then headed back. I can remember the trains would slow down when thay passed and also a quarry next to the sight and some stolen cars being set on fire on the Monday which was when me and my mates left in the afternoon. Only problem was we were in a stolen car ourselves and as we left the site, a police car followed us up the road untill we came to a roadblock. Nicked!!! Spent the next 12 hours in Oxford police station and then on the Tuesday we had to walk along the rail track to Didcot train station and jump the train back to Bristol. Nightmare! Still the rave itself was simply awesome with alot of top DJ’s (Easygroove, Seduction ect’) playing for free! The weather was amazing, warm summery nights and mornings and lots of pink callies to boot…!

  9. watermouse Says:

    here are some other mixes of denis (easygroove) playing at free partys that year (91)

    EYNSHAM (13.07.91)





  10. watermouse Says:

    my post above went a bit wierd heres part 1 of easygroove forest hill

    and part 2 of eynsham

  11. watermouse Says:

    pics of cassington rave

  12. Jerry Says:


  13. Jerry Says:

    I remember the train incident,, hilarious first thing in the morning!

  14. the boyle Says:

    fuk i … all they raves in summer 91 was PROPERRRRR!!!!!! bristol/oxford/reading/swindon and more..all peeps was representing LARGE!! got mukkas from the smoke that tells me they was givin the warehouse big uns a swerve round there ends just to party widus in the fields and barns etc around oxfordshire.. love to all the” hardcore you know the score” crew lol…shout to leb.. eeeeezeeeeeeee fooooool x…hahahahahahaha god bless babs …

  15. jimmy boyle Says:

    p.s burford was banging too!!!! i remember it absolutley slagging it down for an hour or so .. the tent became packed and the vibe went up up and away.. kind of the polar opposite to” clearing a dance floor” …… anyone remember a massive hay barn in farringdon.. early sept 91′ another absolute classic (i am sure it was the weekend after cassington..) rave on!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezeee!!

  16. Shaun Holmes Says:

    I went to a lot of free parties back in the day. I’m from North Wilts and it seemed as though there was a free party on every weekend within easy reach!

    I have to admit though that trying to pin a specific date to a specific party is nigh on impossible, I attended Spiral Tribe at Stockbridge, circus warp in Taunton, The parties on Sodbury Common, Lechlade, Castlemorton, an airfield in Leicestershire somewhere (Bedlam, Adrenallin, DIY … I think )

    The list is endless, unlike my memories which in all honesty have morphed into one big memory spanning from 1989 to 1994 🙂

    I remember bits from all of them but I have a special place in my psyche for Cassington!

    How many times did you turn up at a party in the dark, take a trip or some ecstasy and dance all night, safe in your new surroundings and your new friends, oblivious to where you ACTUALLY were ! 🙂

    Well I went to Cassington on the Friday night and by the time we had ‘parked’ the car and found the party, dusk had already set in and the party was just getting going. We found some really good acid …… (purple ohms …. actually it was some of the best acid I ever did) and partied hard till morning.

    We didn’t really have any perception of where we were in the landscape until about 7am in the morning, when a TRAIN rumbled past with lots of bemused commuters about 20 meters away from where we were dancing! haha I can still remember the look on the passengers faces as everyone waved and carried on dancing!

    We stayed most of Saturday morning and left for home that afternoon. The thing was, the music and the acid had been so good that we returned early on Sunday evening to have another go! Again it didn’t disappoint ….. right up until some reveller had got into the quarry next door and set a fire ( I cant remember how exactly, but It may have had something to do with a stolen car )

    Needless to say, the fire engines turned up and that was the end of that …. or so we thought.

    No sooner had the firemen gone when music erupted from a double decker bus, much to everyone’s delight, and we carried on to the early hours!

    I have to say that they were good days, good people, good music and in that particular instance …. quality acid 🙂

    Anyone remember Circus Warp at Taunton Dean …. now that was a quality gathering 🙂

    Shaun Holmes ( Malmesbury )

  17. Anonymous Says:

    The party in the barn at faringdon was sweat soundsystem.

  18. Martin Says:

    Cassington was wicked.brings back some good memories.loads of people,loads of police outside.the m.c was telling people to get off the rail track while a police helicopter was above.met lots of sound people and yes it was very very messy.from smiley reilly from reading

  19. Mark Says:

    I congratulate you if you were at this party and involved in this scene. I am from Oxford and remember this very well. I gripped the microphone and dropped some lyrics over some rolling bass beats with my crew at the time. It’s so sad that we do not have these types of events anymore as we are all living in a political correct society! Times have changed. I pity our childrens generation as it is a lot less fun. I used to hire Street Levels sound system out for other parties also. Sometimes part of the street level crew perform at the Cowley Road carnival which is a yearly event and is the next best thing nowadays. But its just not the same. Great times, great memories, never let them go!

    • Lena Says:

      A fantastic free rave. Most of my Basingstoke friends were at this one, got totally wasted and heard the best music at the time. Peace

  20. April Mccabe Says:

    Hi Darren….it’s meeeeee! Still deaf in one ear! Xxx

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