Frequency Oblivion sound system

Can anyone help us fill in more details about the parties put on by this free party crew from Dorset? Any dates or locations? Flyers or photos?  Memories, however hazy? Let us know in the comments 🙂

Here’s a link to party reports on one of their dos: 29 May 1993: Frequency Oblivion at Batcombe Down picnic area, Dorset

They also put on a party on 24th October 1992. If you were there, visit this page and add your memories in the comments section: 24th October 1992: Frequency Oblivion at Crossways

A contributor sent us this:

I’ve been meaning to write a report on Frequency Oblivion’s free parties in Dorset. The parties were raw and outlaw. They were put on by DJ Diola and a few others whose names I can’t remember, from Dorchester. I first started attending when we realised we wouldn’t have to go all the way to London for an all night rave. These local heroes put on parties in the Dorchester area. I can remember attending a few but the only locations I can remember are Crossways, where I believe they put on a few parties, and a very muddy Batcombe Down.  In some ways these parties were even more intense and intimate than the larger warehouse parties and festivals put on by the better-known sound systems, because we knew half of the people around us. Occasionally these dos were indoors, but mostly they were in forest clearings and picnic areas. They got busted at least once, but mysteriously got their rig returned in record time.

7 Responses to “Frequency Oblivion sound system”

  1. hilly Says:

    Maiden Newton barn parties…1994 ?

  2. Justin Light Says:

    Hi guys get in touch if you need info, long time ago though!

  3. Skinny Says:

    @Hilly. The bigger Maiden Newton parties in the Barn were done by a few of us from Bridport, Dj’s Derek, Skoda, Tom, BenT etc….Most had played at Frequency Oblivion parties too. The sound system was from Wales owned by a bloke called Denzel i think. They seriously rocked, i have lots of pics of one of the nights. The second one we did got badly busted, as we had 3 sound systems coming. The venue was then used for a few smaller parties throughout 95 and 96.

    • Marty McFarlane Says:

      has anyone got a picture of the frequency oblivion logo/backdrop/flyer desighn as i want to get it made into a vinyl wrap for 1210 mk2s. please and i think we should be proud to fly the flg again
      also i done some big ones in the barn and at halstock and westcliff quarrys the best frequency oblivion party was when we sneaked the rig into universe in 93 and had Renate and Sabine of R&S Records spend the whole night in our tent and gave us there buisness cards to hook up and we roached them fuck the system fools

  4. Amino Clang Says:

    The sound system was from Wales – my friends Denzil and Jake. They still own a sound system, but don’t use it so often any more. There is a very short snippet of a story about one of their first ever raves (in Nantyr Picnic Area) tagged onto the end of my report on a Spiral Tribe rave in Uxbridge on Easter weekend 1993. I keep meaning to write up a few others, but have never got round to it yet… I promise to do it some time soon!

    Not sure they ever really had a name, but ‘Slapstick’ was bandied about for a while =)

  5. Amino Clang Says:

    I should clarify – Jake and Denzil’s soundsystem (Slapstick) was the one used at a Maiden Newton party, NOT Frequency Oblivion!

  6. Marty McFarlane Says:

    we had the mother rig 20k of noise came out of being a reggae system first then we upgraded it was getting complaints about the bass 9 km away in capetown

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