Lazy House sound system

UPDATE: I just came across this article, apparently one of the old Lazy House crew now runs a cafe called ‘Lazy House’ in Thailand!

Deep cartel says:

Does anyone remember Lazy House? Classic house music free party crew based at a squat in Exmouth circa 1991-4 They had a very small rig but attracted huge crowds every weekend in the summer of 92. Parties were usually in Devon and they were at Smeatharpe. Dj`s: will, jonny t, aaron, Iain lazy Parties: Blackenstone Rock, Ashclyst Forrest, Chalice Wood, Woodbury Common, and many more Wow memories! I know the framed photo your thinking about and I know where it is now. Yeah it would`ve been mighty force and if I ask nicely I should be able to scan it, this was the first lazy party I attended. I`ve got two mixes, Lazy House vol 1, and Blackenstone Rock (bad quality). I also remember the backdrop which read lazy house-One Family. Diy dj`s often played and spawnee possee dj`s like Tigger and Justin. There is a brief account of a lazy house party with some pics on dj riddlers website. In 1993 a certain member of Lazy House wanted to be a dj so swapped the tiny rig for some decks.Some members of Lazy House including Will and Dom (spiral) and Lorien then formed “Sign On” and continued doing smaller parties throughout 93 which also evolved into Sketch (pawlette manor) . It`d be really nice to get a page up as they`re not anywhere on the web and they were some of the best parties of the time. By the way Smokescreen are still going! As are we and we sometimes have jonny t and will play in many of the same locations…. Dj will the simon dk of Lazy House…

Here’s a response from an anonymous contributor:

Thanks for the comment, deepcartel, I had been intending to write something about Lazy House. You’re dead right, absolutely classic parties :)The problem was, and this is a bit embarrassing, your parties were SO FUCKING GOOD, that my memories of them are a bit scatty.

I remember… forest clearings, great music, snowballs, a low canopy, shouting next to a river, our car having to be pushed through a ford ‘cos it broke down but we didn’t really care, leaning on my friends’ arm thinking it was a car window, massive convoys and meeting places, racing to get to the party site before the cops (I recall seeing a couple of guys sprinting across a field with decks shoved up their jumpers πŸ™‚ )

etc etc.

I lived in Dorset at the time and didn’t drive, so I’d just clamber into someone’s car on a Saturday night and see what happened. I don’t know any of the locations of the parties I went to.

We enjoyed these because they were local, and because they were a welcome break from the facelessspiraltechno we’d all been following slavishly, although I have to say some people at the time HATED house music. The scene could be insular even back then.

The first thing I ever heard about Lazy House was when we visited a shop in Exeter (Mighty Force?) and saw a framed photo of a party. We asked the guy in the shop and he told us ‘Lazy House’.

UPDATE: Some dates that I do have a record of: 10/10/92 near Exeter, 8/5/93. Also an event on 8/11/92 called Upfront, where there were two marquees, one of which contained the Sketchy Crew sound system, full freepartypeople report here.

Mark (mharridge8787) says:I have a β€˜Lazyhouse’ tape but I cant be sure of its origin. Its mostly late 80’s chicago house. I went to a party in a squat in Bloxham near Banbury, Warks on NYE 93/4 (i think) which I was told afterwards was a lazy house party… but having just learnt they were based in Exeter this seems unlikely. Was anybody there??

‘anonymous’ says:

Dutch Barrels/snow balls/china whites the strongest pills I`ve ever done. I`ve heard they were 140mg of mda made in a former eastern block country in ex government labs. Jaw chatter and eye wiggle for 12 hours…Also do you remember pcp and k pills called m25`s/crackerjacks/ lose it pills?

mistychelle says:

wow the memories,i share them too,anyone know where arrone(probably spelt wrong and ian smith think it was ,i had such a crush on arron). apres exmouth pavillion on to the lazy hose squat,fab,give anything to go back there for a night ..anyone have pics or mixes from those crazy nights???/ thanks to the lazy house crew for the memories i shall hold 4ever


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  1. jonny t Says:

    yeh man its good to see lazy house remembered on the net. the first partys are
    the most magic. I had a real good time being involved in puting them on and it
    was quite new and fresh at the time. The good old days of fighting the old bill over the genarater.I still look back and have a chuckle to my self because we did
    pull of some pretty havinit partys,with people comin from all over the place.
    Deep cartel carry the vibe forward respect to them.

  2. lazy nige Says:

    I loved doing the parties, setting them up with lots of different people. most of us from exmouth, as the lazy house was a real house, that was situated off exeter road. Where us lazy people lived and all helped to take the system on the road, along the way we teamed up with everyone who came along to the parties from everywhere. it was good as we didnt need one person to say they were the organiser, as we all were organisers and the police never knew who to blame for them. we where very stealth and always made the mad rush to the most difficult places to find, as soon as 12, in a back of an nice old van with a log burner in that kept us warm. throughout the night alot better than the flash cars lol.

  3. Hammy Says:

    Absolutely remember it, Forest clearings etc sums it up beatifully, Also remember Ian Lazy House Smith. Is the big man still about?
    Lazy House were luvd up parties I will always remember fondly let me know if anything lazy is still happening.

  4. Dennis "FreeBass" Says:

    Hello lazy House Crew I remembered coming down south to party with the Tredegar lads and some of the Freebass Crew and the laugh we had pissing about with Micky, Legy, spanish, big Phill, plugger, etc in tow. How is Jonny T, the last time i saw you was in newton abbot? how you keeping. Fancy a Lazy Freebass house get together.

  5. DOM Says:

    I remember the first time I went to the Lazy House proper in May 1992 towards the end of its life. I remember DJing in the front room & Lazy Lisa giving me a trip! It got a bit more difficult to mix as my set progressed!!
    I’ve been with her pretty much ever since!
    The party’s moved into the countryside after everyone was evicted from the house- sites like Haldon Hil, Ashclyst Forest, etc etc…..
    Its funny coz the name came from the band ‘Lazy House’ who lived in the squat beforehand!!!
    Hi Jonny have to meet up soon!
    In answer to Hammy,-Ian Smith’s life has changed a bit recently he was managing the Amber Rooms in Exeter but I think he was sacked & works in Oddbins in Bristol????

  6. Leon Brazil (tiergarten bath) Says:

    This is brilliant! I have just been loving reading the stuff on this site! Bringing back so many amazing memories.
    I used to work at the tiergarten in bath with vanessa. Most of us from the club went to a majority of the lazy house parties and all the festys mentioned.
    such good times!!!
    Dom and Lisa how the hell are you both?
    man that was funny reading about you and lisa meeting up. I remember that night!
    Anyone know what mike pants is up to? Messy sketchy funny days. Those m25s. Tattoo shop next to your apartment and the bright idea jim had to tat himself after a large night out.
    Striped trousers! 😎

  7. Dom Says:

    Hi Leon,

    Mad to see that you left a message mate!
    We’re both fine thanks -haven’t seen you for years!!
    Those were the days eh??
    What you up too?
    Email me:
    Cheers mate!

  8. clover Says:

    ohh my god!!!! have been looking for this site for ages! how i loved hornblotten house (there were toadstools and everything!!) or maybe i was just too messy! i was prob bout 17 at the time! ha ha! remember having the best nite, also did castlemorton, smeatharpe, lechlade, loads of dirty parties, bath somerzet etc!!!! wish i was there now xx

  9. deep cartel Says:

    Maybe a reunion party is in order, everyone has still got their tunes and we have a nice rig.

  10. fishy Says:

    parts of our lives we would never wont to change, very fond memories if i could remember them, travelling miles on a sat afternoon to set up for sat night was all part of the buzz, happy times, i was with the yeovil posse that had the sounds PRIME

  11. Leon Says:

    A reunion would be awesome!! But please, no M25’s I don’t think my body could take them again.

  12. justin Says:

    a lot of scatterd dreams or am i confused with memoreys wat ever they were i owe a hugh gratitude to all the wicid lovely people thatever graced these scenes alwaysand forever justin .:O)

  13. deep cartel Says:

    It`s bin so so nice to read all these responses that we`re gonna oraganise a reunion free party with our rig and as many of the original dj`s and party people we can get together….Get in contact with as many lazy bastards you`re still in contact with and let`s do it…..


  14. Leon Says:

    oh man! I would so come to that!! But i am now living in Los Angeles and that would be a hell of a drive and a pretty lonely convoy for me! But i shall put the word about! It has to be done! 😎

  15. steve Says:

    proper party’s. one of the couple i remember was in a quarry in the vale of glamoran. I’d come back from a holiday in the south of france , been driving for nearly 26 hrs and went straight to the party. we’d been lissening to the only tapes we had in the car for the previous two weeks, which were one of Aaron and the other of Bazil. so it seemed fitting to just carry on.

    my kid’s now grown up still knows the tapes as the french tapes when I put them on.

    I’m hosting them on soulseek – user zog, or search for lazyhouse.

  16. Lazy Shaun Says:

    Best memories. Lazy to the soul. x

  17. Frim Says:

    This site has brought back sooo many memories we ( Grant, Jason, the late Lee Edwards and Max) used to go to many of the free parties, met so many great people…. Fucked if i can remember any of thier names though hehe….

  18. christhesmith Says:

    aargh! lent a “lazy house” tape to a mate and never saw it again.
    haunted for the last 12 or so years trying to find some of the tracks… so it must have been good.. right!!

  19. Matt Says:

    Remember it all, Upfront at Axminster, Exmouth Pavillions, Lazy House, DIY parties, going in to Mighty Force in Exeter to get tapes and poppers. Miss it all like fuck!!! Anyone remember the legal all-nighter at Escot near Honiton? Got hundreds of flyers for free parties all around the South-West from 1990 to 1992ish. Bring it back like it used to be

    freepartypeople says:
    Probably danced right next to you at some of the above πŸ˜€ If you can scan any of those flyers that would be a welcome addition to the site …

  20. spam(free bass) Says:

    some body build me a time machine!! so many wicked memories off my head dancing on a welsh mountain kicking tunes great people what more could you ask for? tipi valley, tal y bont, trefil, too many to mention.

    I remeber aaron opening catapult records down stairs in side walk, selling about 2o records, i bought some awesome tunes off him, diy classics!!!
    the crimanal justice
    killed our culture!!!
    rEspect to all people that made it happen, DIY, FREEBASS, LAZY HOUSE, SACRED GROOVES, ADE, GRIFF, BART, GUZZY, RICHIE, SHAUN, ,MARTIN

  21. Mighty Mark Says:

    The framed picture on the wall of Mighty Force in Exeter was a crowd scene taken in the main marquee at the DiY New Year’s Eve 1992/3 party in Bath. That tent belonged to a guy called Matt with a platinum tooth. Took me until 4pm-ish of the actual day to track him done and give him directions to the site!

  22. Ant (Derbyshire) Says:

    messy and sketcky for sure!!!

    I used to travel down to Street near Glastonbury from Derbyshire nearly every week with a friend called Simon.

    Legendary Days!!! I feel so privilaged.

    If anyone still sees 2 ladies called Donna and Ursula, send them both my love.

    Peace to all xx

  23. tinkerbelle Says:

    Deep Cartel (editor’s note: actually it was me, freepartypeopleperson, who mentioned upfront, but I’ve edited the entry to try and make it clearer πŸ˜€ )
    The party you descride in Aminster ‘Upfront’ party sounds like a party i went to and helped with. From what I recall it was a guy called Jason’s birthday party. He worked for an Electrics company in Exeter and was going out with a friend Gemma in Ashburton at the time.
    It was a pay party, Β£5 about right………
    I remeber it was a blast.
    Although I used to go to Exmouth in ye olde days I never atually made it to one of the Lazy house Parties. I did know Simon though.
    Took my first pill in Exmouth, what fun…………

  24. Gooey Says:

    Yeah remember (sort of) DiY bash at the Pavilion met some Welsh bloke with some caps called transformers “don’t have more than 2 if ya drivin” F$*& me K i reckon, our driver had 2 needless to say we were going nowhere……Somewhere?…….. convinced some one we met that the car wasn’t nicked and blagged them to drive and ended up round some ones house , Jack playing ,wicked tunes ,finally got it together next arvo great times…..shame i lunched all my mix tapes livin in kernow would love to come to a party ;]

  25. Frim Says:

    The upfront party in Axminster was Jason warren’s birthday party Tinkerbelle. I can remember Max having his own stage to dance on was well funny πŸ˜› say hi to Gemma if you see her I aint seen her in years, not since she split up with Jason.

  26. Ian M (ian by name - ian by nature) Says:

    hi all, about 10 of us from bridport used to start off at the paradise club, honiton then drive all round the countryside looking for an old ambulance full of lazy house crew,leading us to the secret location, a clearing in the woods somewhere or in a feild just off the A303 once a quarry in devon.
    remember asking someone for a nice rushy pill when we got there ’cause i wanted to get loved up, only to be sold a lose it pill!! geeza said” they’re strong so only do a half at a time” so after half an hour thought this aint very rushy, so snorted the other half… f@”k me… all the ravers turned into marching soldiers, tanks and all .came to, talking to some psyco therapist, said it was a good insight for his research.. me too. ha ha

    still love all the tunez, shine on , passion , suit case at the door ,high – reach the sky , peace and harmony , brothers ans sisters etc.

    so thanks again lazy house , great party’s, great tunze ,great people.

    hi to all the totnes crew, i must off done all your heads in at some point, billied up, with all my philosophical bullshit, made sence at the time though. remember: stepping stones to our destiny.

  27. alasdair Says:

    first free party was that party where we had to meet at the 3 counties pub and convoy to the site. went to the blackingstone rock, that new years eve party. the Lazy House also had a rig at Big Love in 93. this was where i found my music. then there the nights at the Burston that i fondly remember, just so blissed out.

  28. Oli Says:

    I remember DJing at a lovely Lazyhouse party.
    Quite a few of the PFP (People From Pepperbox) came down from Salisbury.
    I think we’d heard from Mark at Mighty Force that we should visit because you guys had such a good vibe going.
    And he was right….!
    I met some lovely fluffy party people.
    I was invited to do a spot on the decks for an hour or so, I think I ended up playing for 3 or 4! One of the most enjoyable sets I ever played for one of the best crowds.
    I dropped Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” over an old acid track and caused mayhem!!!
    You guys are some of the best….If you ever do a reunion… better let me know!

    Love n hugs

    Oli x

  29. Ben Says:

    whooop! big mention to Sign On, full time mud squelching,back of beyond,shit kicking party vibe… great to read all these posts listing places and names from back then, I got a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye just thinking of generator wrestling at night in the woods!!! Nice to everyone from all those times, bring on the reunion…..

  30. Ed Says:

    Went to my first lazy house party in Autumn 1993. The party was situated at the top of telegraph hill (just outside exeter). The party was down a long forest track which by the time we arrived was already jammed with cars. Loads of friendly peeps bobbing along to deep, spacey groovy house – top night, what I’d do to turn back the clock and do it all again.

  31. Chris Barrett Says:

    Ah yes lazyhouse, with JT,Anton, Simon, Iain Lazy and his lady (was it tanya?) at festival in france when JT thought he’s been poisoned and started walking back to england (he never made it) but it was mostly the free parties but also pawlet and verbeer manor(s) and the infamous fiddington free parties. Ah yes.

  32. Adj Says:

    Mental this is, getting back in touch with all of you from so long ago. Yes, the Lazy House parties were where it all started for me back in 1992 after my first pill at a house in March Green. Or was it…see, my memories are hazy indeed….I just remember everyone was so fecking loving and I’d never experienced that before. Simon, Scallops, Lisa, Shawn, Hardcore Helen, Penny, Mike, some that fell off the scene after the house got busted. There are so many of you and I only have one set of photos! Bridget has a part of the wall after it was knocked to become a housing estate. Those parties were just the best, brought out the best in everyone and was the place to be! Wicked….xxx

  33. jake g Says:

    ah this is mad haha was lookin on the web bout exmouth and found this site about the lazy house…well wierd hearin stories bout it.ha. Aaron is me uncle…wish i had been around then sounds like it was laughs all the way

  34. Alex Newman Says:

    Haha, no way! I went to a bunch of the lazy house, DiY, Sketchy crew etc etc parties 92-94… Moretonhampstead, Street Hill, Podimore, all over Devon and Somerset, it’s a bit of a tall order to remember where the hell we were most of the time though… and I seem to have forgotten the names of most people I met, oops..

    Hammy, is that Hammy Hamerton?

    Hornblotton House, haha i was there on Aug 1st 1993 I think it was, me and friends were somewhere down near Lyme Regis the night before, little outdoor party in Maisy’s barn, I think one of the guys from Global Communication was there.. we finally arrived at Hornblotton about 7am, proper going off it was.

    I’ve been living in California the last 8 years and lost touch with pretty much everyone from those days, shout out if you know me alex [at]

    • Hammy Says:

      My go Alex, how are you my brother, yes it is Hammy Hammerton (Actually spelt Hamaton but no bother the times were so sketchy I had to think for a second myself) Reading these memories is tear jerking but so cool. Love to all and make sure you let me know if there is a reunion

  35. Hammy Says:

    (That was meant to start My God) (-;

  36. Hammy Says:

    By the way Alex get in touch I’m on Facebook

  37. Gordy Says:

    I met some great people at lazy parties and at the squat itself . we used to go after Verbeer manor. still got friends from then today

  38. jam smoot Says:

    Does anyone remember the spawnee posse parties around Somerset at the end of summer 92? Circus in Avion. Good parties.

  39. Β£1.99 Says:

    I remember a party in Ashclyst forest – autumn 92. The police flew over in the morning shouting at us with their chopper PA system. Couldn’t leave the site as we was blocked in. Some girl was singing on the stage, quite good – who?

    Woodbury common – Aug 92?

    Somewhere in Somerset for the 50th anniversary of LSD.
    Some lads started tearing up the farmers silage bales and a fight broke out.

    A house party in Oxford Rd, Exeter – 92, summer I think – mental night.

    Went to loads, some worth remembering some not. Funny old scene it was.

  40. Windy Steve Says:

    Wow! What memories; all muddied and muddled but a few stand out like raging beacons. My first trip to the Lazy house was following a night at Exmouth Pavilions and it blew me away….. Yes, I remember Lazy Shaun,and Simon, Aaron, Mad Lisa, Hardcore Helen(We are good friends to this day),Penny(likewise), Mighty Mark, Bridget (she had SUCH aWICKED sense of humour). After that night I became a Lazy Junkie… This all followed my intoduction to MDMA at a house party in Oxford Road that Helen had invited me to – her birthday party – at Gaye’s house. Little Brett administered my first pill. My GOD! Life changing? Instantly the music,the vibe,the togetherness all made complete and awe inspiring sense.
    THE Ashclyst forest party happened because the bill were onto that nights Woodbury Common party. They had followed Aaron around the whole day because he had the sound system in the back of his ambulance. The crowd built up on Woodbury waiting for it to kick off and when the word came we all took off for Ashclyst. I remember leading a large convoy up there. All roads around the area were blocked by parked cars on bothsides of the road. I recall taking an early morning stroll away from the party and counted over 500 cars. Such a good night….
    I spent the next three years going to every free party i could and doing an INORDINATE amount of MDMA and LSD (Remember Penguins? Footballs? Oms?) The LSD was so pure by comparison to the microdots of the 70’s.
    Remember a party in a quarry at Radstock? Mad Lisa fell into an inspection pit in a garage building where the main event was happening.Some nob fron Burnham gave me a pill which was a mixture of E,K,Coke and other shit which had me upside down in the back of someones car wondering who the hell I was. Still a great party. I recall the 50 years of LSD party very well.It was at a place called Mark in Somerset. Through that party i necked 38 tabs of LSD as well as a large amount of E. I was trying to get to 50 as homage to Hoffman but i got distracted (?) by driving an Australian guy to the nearest off licence. When i think back to that morning i cant imagine how ever i managed it but i did and the Aussie tried to rip off my stash as a thank you.
    Anyone remember a party on Forestry land on the N Devon coast? I think it was near Watchet. That was where a bunch of lads from Tiverton first partied. I ended up towing Aaron all the way back to Exeter. The lads from Tiverton decided to put on their own parties. Mark Boddy was the driving force behind a whole series of wickedly lovely parties in and around Tiverton and Mid Devon. Here,s to you Mark!!!
    There were a few Lazy parties on top of Haldon Hill. Mostly down a track off Telegraph Hill home to a bunch of travellers who used to rob off licences and return with crates of bubbly.(Tsk! the things people got up to…) but the best ones were where there is now a visitor centre and starting point for offroad cycling. The top of the hill is so busy with walkers and cyclists now that its lost the magic it had. Mark Boddy put on a few scorchers there too. And a few in Ashclyst but they were more intimate and smaller scale and he had a knack of not annoying the local population. He introduced me to DJ’ing and i spent three years or so playing anywhere and everywhere culminating with a residency in Bristol with my lovely and wonderful partner Annie. Now we have two wonderful children and no need or desire to spin the wheels of steel.We have about 1500-2000 vinyl classics sitting in the attic…..
    And what of DIY? Simon DK, Digs and Whoosh? How many Lazy parties morphed into DIY chillouts in Totnes?
    The downside? All i can think of was a party at Cheddar. Thankfully i and a friend decided on a different party that night but our friends who made the cheddar party spoke of paying on the door,grim faces,bad drugs,hard sounds,lots of aggro,cars being robbed or having their wheels stolen…a night of pain. Our friends eventually recovered their wrecked motor form the bill in Bristol.
    I remember going in a minibus to London with Bridget, Penny,Mad Lisa,Helen,Simon,Tim and a few others to a Spiral Tribe party in a disused dairy. The decor and lighting were AMAZING, worth the fiver on the door, except that in the morning the decor turned ou to be traffic cones and the tape you find around building sites……
    Anyone remember a party at a disused hotel on the outskirts of Dawlish?To make it really dark as there were a lot of windows some bright spark had had the brilliant idea of painting the glass with engine oil.It worked wonderfully until people began sitting on the window ledges….
    How about a party on forestry land near Charmouth? Some wags stole the blue light off the local plod’s car. He called for backup and a very nice plod parked his car about fifty yards from the party and spent all night refusing offers of food,drink,drugs a good time, in a calm and pleasant way. Come daylight the heavy mob arrived and broke up the party in quite a violent fashion. Hardcore Helen was pregnant at the time and they were quite rough and it was all a bit too much…Still a wicked party. A few weeks later i was shown a photo from some Manchester Uni magazine of me grinning like i was completely off my head, arms outstretched, as the illustration to the article. I was at Smeatharpe, I was at Castle Morton – which was really the turning point for free parties. To the rest of the country it was a party too far and something had to be done.. such a shame cos it was such ablinding party.There must have been a thousand people in the DIY tent when i got there.
    I remember a DIY party on the Somerset levels one February. I think it was at Wedmore. It was very cold and frosty. I remember the ice building up on my wing mirrors on the way there. Such a good feeling,its where i want to be…..
    There was a party at Widemouth Bay in Cornwall, a Lazy do. The Banbury party mentioned above i recall was on an abandoned farm and seemed to be happening in a number of different buildings.It wasnt just Lazyhouse.
    I still have contact with Aaron,Penny ,Helen and Ian ‘Lazy’ Smith and Basil. We have all moved on to better or different things but inside we are all free party people till the end. Love to you all…

    • mark Says:

      ah Steve, thanks for the info about the Banbury party.. πŸ™‚

      • Pogo Says:

        Hi folks….a bit more info on the Banbury party….if it was the new years party at an abandoned farm where lots of travellers were parked up that you refer to?… It was Spawnee Posse do.We were based up in Bradford at the time but prior to that we put on a few parties in places like Shepton mallet 89/92,and does anyone remember Biscombe Farm? we used to work with the C.I.A (circus in avion)which meant we had a jet fuselage as a dance floor πŸ™‚
        The Banbury party was amazing ,we were invited to do it by some of the travellers parked up there.We saw it as a party to demonstrate against the C.J.A as it’s first new powers came into being at midnight that night….what a buzz…the Police only added to the vibe by flying about in their ‘copters swinging a big search light about….A French T.V crew were there asking if they could talk to us and film us DJing etc…we said no,seeing as what we were doing was getting more illegal by the hour….so it was hilarious to see on a Sunday nights television on channel 4 about 9 months later a programme about a free party on a farm in Banbury…lo and behold , it was our party πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ being so clandestine had left the T.V crew with no interviews with organisers,DJ’s etc, so they had interviewed anyone willing to say it was their party,their rig…..their farm πŸ˜‰ We didn’t mind at all,…we just loved doing parties…not for fame…but for that free party vibe that has become harder to find…….Respect to the early Spawnee DJ’s Tigger,Justin and Jamie, Mighty Force Mark,Lazy House,Jen-Jen, and all the amazing people that came to our parties down there….and to all the Spawnees that got involved up north and to all that got involved with the Posse after my days….BIG LOVE Pogo xxxx

  41. Frim Says:

    Does my memory serve me right? Wasn’t it hardocore Helen that was doing some sort of study on rave culture and was making loads of videos of free parties etc?

  42. Frim Says:

    Maybe there were two of em!! lol

  43. Frim Says:

    Anyone remember any of the mad ravers from Honiton? lol

  44. Windy Steve Says:

    No Frim.Hardcore Helen was one of the first Lazyhouse ravers; whose attitude to the cause was commendable. A dedicated raver with a BEAUTIFUL attitude to life and people. When the partying evolved into woodland scenes Helen was almost always the last to leave having spent the daylight hours collecting up all the rubbish left over from the party.Leave nothing but footprints…….

  45. gary turner Says:

    hi does anyone rember the warehouse in plymouth were use to go their and then the lazy house parties take care everyone whens the reunion gary from plymouth

    • Scat Says:

      Elo Gary ad 2 laugh that was my wkends sorted same as u, Plymouth Warehouse then Lasy house fuk me they were some dayz wont they!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pure mental!! Lasy house truely needs 2b bigged up u was proper!!!!!!!!!! Had some ov the best nights ov me life down that end ha ha Big up the Bideford posse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. gary turner Says:

    is johnny t still about last heard of in totnes

  47. Molecule Says:

    So this is the main place for reminiscing about the old days!! Great times but for all these memories, I would never go back and do it again.

    I was a lazy DJ for a number of years, though never played the squat, more the outdoor parties. Smeatharpe, majority of the other outdoor events etc.

    Not seen Jonny T for a few years, I think he’s up in Manchester still but not sure.

    I bumped into Will and Amy a few months ago, they’re very happy though not partying anymore.

    Last saw Helen about 4 yrs ago, she’s also stopped partying, or at least as often as she was throughout the 90’s.

    Would like to see Lisa and Dom again, as well as Mosely, Penny, Aaron and the rest of the Lazy bastards but not sure if i’d be up for banging dance music. I’ve nothing against it, just feel like it would be a step backwards now i’m in my mid 40’s.

    Sounds old but I was far from the oldest person there, some of you lot should be almost pensioners by now!!

    Another person i’d like to see is Horsedrawn Jamie. Last saw him in Exmouth, though he was keeping his whereabouts very lowkey at the time.

    • Heidi Says:

      Molecule!! Don’t know if you’ll ever see this but…

      Where are you now? Heard you’d escaped Devon to somewhere or other? Saw Jonny just a month ago or so down here, think he said he was moving or had moved out of Manchester? Can’t remember if that’s right though or where!? Anyway he sounds pretty busy with the kids.

      As for lazy house parties, not sure now if I went to any, one or two or what but the above is ringing bells and reminding me of being a (very excited, slightly freaked out) teenager necking whatever came my way.. Is it just me or is anybody else completely failing to remember where, what, who, how etc but knows something definately happened for a fair few years involving woods, mud, drugs, convoys and chewed up faces!

      Thanks for your continuous generosity ‘molecule’, know it was a bit later but will always remember!

      Hope you’re well, still got the parrot? xxx

    • Lazy Shaun Says:

      There is a Lazy house page on Face Book too. Nice to here so many positive memories. Shaun

    • Oli Says:


      I’m sorry to have to tell you that Horsedrawn Jamie died about 3 years ago after a long battle with cancer.

      His funeral was held in Yeovil.

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.


  48. Dan (deep cartel) Says:

    A night you maybe interested in….

    Thursday 11th February 2010

    The Hole In The Wall,

    Castle st,



    minimum of Β£2 donation….

    A new night for Exeter….’Next2Nothing’

    Devon & Bristol Free Party Crew’s Unite!


    With Dj’s…..

    Kerri K (T.O.S.S.E.R.S/Gener8or)

    Jonny T (Lazy House)

    Dan (Deep Cartel

    plus MC Ellie Spencer


    Fire Show!


    5k Rig!

    Intelligent Lighting!

    Drinks Promotions!

    Free Party People!

  49. hilly Says:

    First rave, summer 1992, near Exeter. mark bray,adam, me. lots of other lyme people. Convoy in country lanes, we crash car into the one in front, our car breaks down right there! All of adams belongings in car .We all pile into car in front , i think we knew them. marks car and adams belongings never seen again!!
    First ever half of pill, clearing in woods, never have found out where!
    police helicopter, met lindsey ,cheese and tomato sandwich !! still great friends . Had to walk /hitch home in the morning , no idea which direction ,one of us wearing cowboy boots !!
    Any of these memories may or may not be true!!!
    revelation, verbeer manor, studios,pawlet, universe 4, obsession 3rd dimension. jamies pinhay party
    Still got my tapes but no tape player !!!

    • adam prater Says:

      hi hilly adam here mad night broadclyst forest nearly killed jason fox in crash your first free party and e boogie all night k for breakfast you n love with complete strangers hitchhike back to lyme regis jehovas witness with curtains you dont need this on a ketamine comedown i never saw my belongings again and mark bray come to think of it next stop mind body and soul and jamies pinhay party for fucked up times my memory wont ever let me forget these amazing times peaceout adam prater /adzee /d.j zenith

      • adam prater Says:

        as far as jamies pinhay party goes four days of free party magic outside lyme regis on the grounds of an old peoples home mayhem d.js ian and simon from taunton plus lee waller and mighty force crew dave and chicken . christian,curtains and adzee and a llot more new rig from bristol arrivingb saturday pigs and lamb on spit thanks to debbie and neil insane death slide over rave the best most friendly party on jamie williams 21st birthday 93 police everywhere but powerless to stop it and how did those trucks and double deckers get in and out china whites and double dipped buddahs stole the show you dont get parties like that anymore yours adam p/zenith

    • Steve Says:

      Yes, i’m afraid it was me wearing those cowboy boots!!! Fu**ing lol! I think we walked 20 miles with me wearing those, the blisters afterwards were ridiculous! I believe the party was somewhere in a forest near Exeter as we walked and ended up at Whimple train station, the trains wouldnt stop, you had to flag them down!! That was the first and best memory of a free party for me, very crusty but the drugs were silly. compared to now there is no comparison! I was also at Jamie William’s party which was one of the best local to Lyme parties I remember it just kept going on and on for 4 days! I was so young then though, I presume if Jamie was 21 then I must have been about 16! Very young and innocent and just getting into the scene but those were the bloody days eh? Also remember a party in a barn near Dorchester, the quarry in Portland and a party in a field near Taunton, circa 1993-4? The feeling you go from driving around the countryside hunting for that party gave you such a buzz and that was without the drugs. Being able to party where and as hard as you wanted until the cops either broke it up or didnt?! I’ve just hear from one of my friends that Adam Prater is being jailed for 4 years for arson! Adam?! For gods sake mate sort yourself out!

  50. Dom Says:

    Hey Molecule!!! Get in touch mate, we were talking about you the other day! In Totnes quite a bit, you still about these parts? Jonny back in Devon now mate. Lots of news to catch up on!!!
    Hi Windy Steve!! Hope you’re keeping well mate? Nice write-up on the old parties there!!!Great days eh!!

  51. adj Says:

    I wish we could go back in time! They were such special times. All the friends I made back then are still so dear to my heart. Will love you for ever!! Wicked, loved up, free party people…I live far away from it now, tucked under a mountain in Tipperary in a wooden cabin with my two girls….but, I am and always be a free party spirit. It lives on doesn’t it. Once it’s in there, it’s not going!

    • Sharma Sharma Shake Shake Says:

      ADRIENNE !!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYY !! my beautiful friend – always – hiya hun, Cass here, having changed my name from mary ( MC Mary !! no wonder i never wanted my name on the flyers eh !! )
      I’m many things I guess, Sharma too, my DJ name from t’other side of the pond – man it rocks to have a name the dancefloor loves to chant , after having one i wouldn’t admit to for so long !!
      Been back in the UK almost 3 years now and would love to see you – two girls eh !! me, i’ve just got a dog i brought back from mexico !! yup, i’m as sensible as ever !!
      It’s true that us lot have forgotten more great parties than most people have ever been to eh !!
      Stand out memories, Aaron Djing for about 10 hours at Smeathorpe with only 4 or 5 12″s – freakin’ amazin ‘ !! – the sun coming out as i got on the mic at Ashclyst Forest after a wet old night ( Hey Β£1.99 !! )( loads of great photos i should scan, and loads of tapes i’ve started MP3 – ing ), steve dancing around wearing his canoe !! only getting thru the blockade at smeathorpe cos the car infront of us drove into the polices’ cones and car, providing a badly needed distraction !! ), buckling the dancefloor at the burston, but best of all, those moments when you were party hunting and thought maybe you’d seen a flash of a lazer over the trees, getting out the car to check, and hearing that lazy sound in the distance !! ditching the car to avoid the thin blue line and clambering across countryside, thru rivers, farmyards etc etc til you started seeing more and more smiley faces – goddess knows how we ever used to find the car again eh !! guidance !!
      I’m stoked to find you again Adj – One Love Always, Cass xxxxxx
      ***** Hi Dom & Lisa !! the party faithful !! ******
      Do you all listen to Bazils’ thursday night reggae show on ?

  52. PaulC Says:

    Hey there, total accident I found this site. I used to hang around with some of the Lazy house guys, mainly Ian and Mark, the two brothers all living at number 72 Old Tiverton Road in Exeter. So many memories, I think I went to pretty much all the free parties back in the day, last one being the huge marquee event near Bath already mentioned for which I have ALL the tapes! It’s so funny to hear over and over comments about moving your cars!
    Last song of the night: Fuck the Police by NWA. Will always remain in my heart and soul one of the best experiences of my life.

    Some of my best recollections (bearing in mind i’m near 40 now!) – Ian off his tree directing traffic with a bottle of champagne in hand in the middle of some town
    DIY and many other DJ’s ending up at No. 72 for late late (or early) mixing and frollics
    One particular mix that Mark did with Lionrock (Packet of Peace) and some other tune.. was frickin’ awesome!

    All the best party people

  53. noah Says:

    Does anyone remember tigger and his brother justin?
    the came from wells…….also melvin and nick narcotic?
    had some great times on mdma with these guys just want to hear about them again……must be nearly 20years since ive seen them
    ps remember the original88s?

    • Pogo Says:

      Sure do,Noah…Tigger and Justin were great lads…remember Jamie too?….they were the original Spawnee posse DJ’s….you probably remember jen-jen too…..Wow…blasts from the past , eh?…but could those boys rock the house or what?

    • Ian Says:

      Im just curious Having gone to several of the haldon parties – but who was the woman with the pill eating monkey (puppet) that always seemed to be at the parties.

    • adam prater Says:

      adam p remembers tigger at the sugarlump glasto 92 i have a tape fucking shithot

  54. lazt nige Says:

    Im not gonna name drop. as i know alot of people there that were part of it, kept the vibe. just was all about having fun and not having the credit. all the parties were for everyone to enjot who turned up. i went to nearly all the parties mentioned above. especially marsh green in aylesbear which was a studio own by my disabled friend. this is where i met and got talking to two lovely young women and introduce them to everyone from the lazy house. and everyone in the room got known and had a name. i would love to go back to that moment in time. those were the nicest of times and people being so nice and friendly.

  55. Erika Says:

    Are these partys related in any way to the band Lazy House who also occupied a old farm off Exeter Rd? There was always loads of different people living there and hanging out and I assume they took the name when the Band split after moving to London?

  56. Scat Says:

    Its Scat wanna get in touch wid Iain Smith ru out there m8?? Its the Bollinger dude where u at fella?? Gonna try check FB 4 ya.. Big up The Lasy house crew That house in Exmouth was crazy lol peace

  57. quent Says:

    i remember staying at lazy house squat exmouth with becci and dave my friends and taking some mushies feeling nervous excdited n young maybe 90-91..going to deep cartel tonite at duvet vous? easton bristol..still havn’t learnt…:)

  58. mark house Says:

    wow! this internet thingy majingy is amazing: ) was just reminiscing about the good old days! and thought it worth a try at least,AND HERE IT IS…Lazy House! does any one remember a combined b’day party near Exeter around 92, as i would like to get in touch with Sarah who was a dancer with lazy house, it was also her b’day party, shaun zollo introduced us at her house in weymouth.
    would also like to get in touch with anyone who may have photo’s of the night. Fabio & Grooverider (when they were still hardcore DJ’s)were playing at the time, sold my van to get there and boy was it worth it! dropped a tiny white pill called a MAD BASTARD, then went on to have a night of Fun (with a capital “F”)that has stayed with me all these years…
    Sarah if you read this you can reach me at Mowlam Metalcraft my business address,

  59. Mark Says:

    Anyone heard anything from ollie and eric ?

  60. paul Says:

    I was only just talking to some friends about the lazy house days just the other day!
    There were a load of us used to go to a little venue near crediton somewhere but i cant remember the name of it?!
    We had Shaughn and Rowland playing. Amazing tunes and very messy, great feel to the place! Through the whole of the 90`s and all the places we went, this was my favourite! They sold their mix tapes, which i am gutted that i have lost now.

  61. thebristolblogger Says:

    Ah Lazyhouse parties…
    I went to quite a few in 1992/93 I think. With my best buddies Claire, Sharon (now Sophia), Jo, Mary and more. We went to the last party in the old Lazyhouse in Exmouth after Exmouth Pavillion (me parents courted there in the 50s too!), then free parties, really remember Smeathorpe in a glorious haze, parties in Ashclyst Forest, Haldon Hill with the lovely Alison holed up with the travellers, I also remember Ian Smith, Bazil and Aaron well as my sister, Cass (was Mary) used to perform with Bazil.
    It was a magic adventure, evading the cops to make something different in the woods. I’m no longer free partying but remain anti-establishment to my core. I do hold the Lazy house parties dear. Just wish I could remember it all better…
    Now living in Bristol with lovely boyfriend, two very boisterous little boys. God knows what I’ll say them when they’re teenagers…
    Anne Rogers

  62. steve Says:

    Hey! Hiya Dom, Hi everybody. Been awhile since i checked out the site.Nice to see the memories piling up.Anyone remember the party at Anthony – just the other side of the Tamar, officially in Cornwall? Or those brilliant parties at the house on the outskirts of Totnes? I cant complain as the whole episode-almost ten years of my life- culminated in a settled relationship and two wonderful kids to enjoy and love. It was all about positivity,love,hope and happiness and ive got it in spades….
    Hardcore Helen recently had her second child and is very happy…as always! Its been a long time since MDMA but that feeling of connectedness and empathy never goes away…..

  63. Musser73 Says:

    still see some of the old faces locally in yeovil. those of us who were 2 or 3 years younger than those organising it used to go to the parties – some were in pubs and clubs in yeovil and i went to one (PRIME) on a wednesday at ‘the gardens’ (bad idea in hindsight) and was surprised to see only about a dozen peeps in there – there were more DJs than clubbers! The music was that slow, proggy house sound that took over in 1992/3 and i think ian lazy was playing robin s/annie lennox/felix/grid – a lot of that sort of thing. the sound system and lighting/drapes were bang on but yeovil didn’t (and still doesn’t) want it. there are a few of us who still have the technics and our 12s and are always looking to do parties but house music is way back underground now and fragmented to hell. i recall plugger was held in high regard here and his brother guy too but i don’t remember them keeping it going for long. then acorn records axed the wax but for those who know where to look there are smallish dos occurring – you can always check the ‘djup’ somerset collective of rob graff’s, phil thomas’s and myself’s and see what’s happening in and around yeovil. other than that there are no club nights doing proper underground house despite club neo being rip for the taking. shame.

    • Anonymous Says:

      i was at that Gardens party, like you say, not a very big crowd! Yes Iain Smith did play. Sad to admit to it but i did the graphics on the big screen. well i say that, it was actually a nintendo 64 wired up to it whilst i played a few games as a back drop…ha ha!! I think Plugger moved up near Weston last time i heard, which would have been around 95′.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Love the memories. The visuals would look great now, no worries. On another night it’d have been rammed. Great rig.

  64. ben Says:

    This may be my favourite comment thread in the history of the internet… Feel the love!

  65. aaron Says:

    peace and love to you all…………aaron xxx

  66. Anonymous Says:

    FB group come join the fun……

  67. Anonymous Says:

    Admin pls email me

  68. adam prater Says:

    faith and hope and charity theres one for you and one for me money doesn’t grow on trees and babies come from ladies.(SOMETHING LIKE THAT ?)

  69. LEVI Says:

    Real good times i remember, thanks the lazy crew. Hope to bump into you all on life’s travels. Peace love and respect Levi and jane

  70. FreeStyler Says:

    Lazy House yep I was living on a site on the ridge @ clun forest, new town Powys wales. Party happened just down the way from site n Lazy House were there > Spiral Tribe too summer91 Pigs set up roadblocks which we drove straight trough onto party WiKiD ViBE, was @ Bloxham 93 NYE too wasn’t sur it was Lazy House I always thought DIY & Spiral but what did I know … Too busy munchin Ganesh trips to care . Bloxham rocked one of my fave party’s ever. Rats Run Stockbridge 1991 all time best DIY Free Party 24 Hr 4 ever xxx

  71. 8th November 1992: Sketch at Upfront Β£5 rave, near Axminster, Devon « UK Free Parties and Free Festivals 1990-1994 Says:

    […] separated this out from the ‘general’ Lazy House post (which can be found here: ) , here are some of the comments that relate to this particular […]

  72. Tim G Says:

    What a thread! I rememember being in a Fiesta XR2 bombing down the M5 to Exeter to my first free party being hosetd by Lazy House in the middle of some woods in 1992 – bottle of poppers in hand a half a china white later i was dancing under the low slung drapes til the sun came up! Went to another one in Winchester under a bridge and into a huge field, there must have been a hundred cars…Musser73 you are bang on with the whole Yeovil thing, the town doesnt want it, and never did – real shame! Still have some DIY tapes (now on the ipod) DJ DK and DJ Jack – still awesome! Totally remember Ian ‘Lazy House’ Smith and others in the crew…brilliant memories!

  73. emmski Says:

    What I would do to listen to my lazy house tape I lost years ago , have spent many hours trawling through shit to try and find just one tune, does anyone have any tunes, if so please put them up its been way tooo long x

  74. Justin Light Says:

    Does any one have any Oblivion tapes from the dorset based soundsytem??
    Bit random but you never know. dj Diola tape would be nice?

  75. Levi Says:

    Facebook page: The real Lazy House. Are you old enough to remember it?
    πŸ˜‰ peace Levi

  76. Anonymous Says:

    No way, an old friend told me about this page/site saying that there are a load of people from the old ‘Lazy House’ party days leaving notes about them there crazy weekends…….were’nt they just!?! Yep, as someone else mentions, Barrels had a lot to do with it, they dont make um like that anymore…..thank God, ha ha!! I went to loads of the Lazy parties, Iain Smith became a good friend of mine around mid 93, boy could he mix. in fact, i even have a tape he did for me where i chose the tunes back at Pluggers house in Yeovil……ring any bells to anyone? Plugger and a few others eventually got a rig together and were known as ‘Prime’…..does anyone remember them? Most of the parties were in Somerset and Devon. Anyone remember parties at Priddy, breen beach near weston-super-mare, telegraph hill and starcross (near exeter), king alfreds tower, there was another one they did in a disused train tunnel which i think was near brean beach but to be honest, it might have been in timbuktu for all i know. Anyhow, they were the best days ever. When you try telling people about the parties it almost sounds like you’re making it all up and no matter how good your memories of certain parties are, your words don’t get anywhere near a worthy explanation of what they were really like. They were off the planet. I must be honest though, i reckon i spent 80% of the time sledging in the back of someones car, being sick, dancing for 5 minutes before tripping over someone skinning up and thinking that i needed a piss and then standing there with one hand on a tree holding on for dear life for about 3 hours!!!………..oh the memories, happy days!!!

  77. Skinny Says:
  78. Skinny Says:

    Went a superb party at Moretonhampstead in 92 or 3, in a barn, few hippy trucks some lakes near by. Pig chopper flying overhead in the morning……House music all night long! Epic…No idea who did it but it stands out as goodun…..

  79. Womble Says:

    Wot has happened to us i feel lost just found out shane joslin died 7 years ago in Brighton OD We still have 1last shot fuck them all OM SHIVA

  80. jason mills Says:

    cant remember hardly anything about this time in my life but do remember tripping in the kitchen,all of a sudden there was a cloud of dust came from the oppisate room..apperantly a couple of lads from the sly crew (exeter) tryed taxing someone the struggle the the celing gave way and they all fell through …
    theres karma for ya

  81. Jamie Williams Says:

    obviously this was my party but I still remember like it was yesterday started off with a couple of hundred people then after I’d come around the field was full with my mum, stepdad and my dad still at it feeding and serving poeple with the lamb and pig on a spit, the mobile bar still pulling pints, the death side still in total opperation and the boming music none stop. Police came to try and stop it with helicopter and all but failed ha ha. Brings back wicked memories just ashame that fucking criminal justice bill spolit everything thanks to Mrs Thacher. It was everyone’s weekend, sad it had to end and we all had to go back to our normal ( quote, quote ) lives!!!!

  82. Anonymous Says:

    Went to the Bloxham do @ the Farm. Was about 1992. We were in a barn type building, a mate of mines rigg Steve from Stroud ( Lazy house ) There was at least another rigg round the corner, with pink lasers! Lol! Also remember film crew coming into Steves horse box, we were all well twated! πŸ˜€

  83. Deborah Curtis Says:

    I would love to track down mike pants mike the head from stroud & sketchy sam if anyone had any contact info? X

  84. Lazy Shaun Says:

    No one sold the tiny soundsystem for decks, two of the long throw bass speakers were swapped for a pair of decks because we didn’t have any decks to use for the parties. Adrian Clarida had a decent rig and most of that and the decks in question were used at the ‘sign on’ parties. Most of the lazyhouse djs are still playing, they will be hosting the main stage at love summer festival 13th August 2017. Lazy parties were absolutely top πŸ™‚ lazy

  85. Dan Cartel Says:

    There is a Lazy House party in a barn in Devon on November 11th 2017…. Hit me up on fb for details….

  86. Wil Says:

    I need 93 I was one of very few who carried a camera with me to every free party I went to. I recorded the location the person the system and the date of all party’s I went to, several were lazy house. Good times. At some point I may make the pics public

  87. Lazy House sound system | UK Free Parties and Free Festivals 1990-1994 Says:

    Winston Adas

    UPDATE: I just came across this article, apparently one of the old Lazy House crew now runs a cafe called

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