A Spiral Tribe mix

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A huge thank you to all our visitors, we had a record 2,646 views in November, an all time record 🙂

We got a mail from Philip, who bought a tape from the Spirals at a party a long time ago. He ripped it and uploaded it. Don’t think we’ve heard this one before. Thanks Philip!




3 Responses to “A Spiral Tribe mix”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Side 2 now up on the same link..

  2. Flip Says:

    Side 2 now up on the above link..cheers Flip

  3. Jonathan Hall (@the_junes) Says:

    I’ve just uploaded a tape rip of Circus Warp djs ‘Shane & Jamie’ from 1991. Any help with the tracklisting much appreciated. Thanks: http://soundcloud.com/the_junes/shane-jamie

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