1992 or 1993: Bedlam free party at The Old Library, Bromley by Bow, London

A freepartyperson has been telling us about a Bedlam party in an old library in Bromley. All she can remember is that it was quite derelict with a load of offices upstairs, and that she saw Lol Hammond (Drum Club) there. She also reckons this might be the building: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=old+library+bromley+by+bow&sll=51.519826,-0.009999&sspn=0.015114,0.038581&ie=UTF8&hq=old+library&hnear=Bromley-By-Bow,+Greater+London,+United+Kingdom&ll=51.520814,-0.010128&spn=0,0.154324&z=13

And it was apparently 92 or 93.

Does this ring any bells anyone? Does anyone have any (no matter how scatty) memories about this? Leave a comment!

24 Responses to “1992 or 1993: Bedlam free party at The Old Library, Bromley by Bow, London”

  1. Domspiral Says:

    Not getting confused with the Spiral party at the old library in Lewisham in 1991? Lots of videos of that particular party?

  2. Domspiral Says:

    Got to be the same one, got loads of footage of everyone, Debbie, Simone, Micky, Reg, Aztek, etc etc…

  3. Domspiral Says:

  4. Domspiral Says:

    No worries!!

  5. Phoenix Says:

    no it was definatley bromley by bow bedlam was the system.
    They were in that library for few weeks i remember going there new years eve then again a week or so later.
    Yea was a good site, i remember some pisshead had climbed up on the roof and there was a hole through which he was pissing onto a dancefloor of fellow ravers who actually thought it was raining and were turning their faces up to it.. I miss the old days, pissheads at parties with no shoes drinking Special Brew

  6. Murf Says:

    It was on the left hand side if you were heading Eastbound, just shy of Bow!

    Mental party venue… Memories are very hazy of party details – phlumx’d… – I played, as did Aztek, Liberators Chris, Julien & Aaron, etc… Fuck, can’t remember much else! – Grinning… *)

  7. LaLupa Says:

    Yep sure do remember that new years library rave @ bromley by bow! Was brilliant! Would love to do it all again! It was Bedlam and it was the longest I’ve ever stayed awake! Heehee! I remember crawling round the floor with Astrix finding lots of joy down there! Not to mention the shit on the staircases!

  8. LaLupa Says:

    Another thing, does anyone remember a Bedlam rave in an massive old school (god knows where) and couldn’t get the soundsystem working? Riot police turned up to a very quiet dooo indeed. Everyone sat around in the sunshine laughing at the police! Where was this? I remember the floor of the main hall was ridiculously warped (for real!)

  9. sHAN Says:

    I was there… It was over New Year in 1992.. It lasted a couple of days as Bedlam were spuatting there…

  10. Anonymous Says:

    i was there. i think the first party was new years and then the next couple of weekends aswe were squatting the place.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Yep I was there also….. I remember someone pissing from the top of the roof as well!. Mental times!

    Lots of strange scary goings on upstairs…..

  12. Elle Burns Says:

    I was part of bedlam and lived at the library in bromley-by-bow for at least a couple of months. The building was on Gilender street just north of the southern approach to the blackwall tunnel. A few parties happened there but my highlight was the live set done by Murph the night Aztek and liberator played.

  13. Stuart Elle Burns Davies Says:

    Here is a list of all the Bedlam parties that I can remember! The 1st party was at Holloway road using TONKA sound system rig,Tubney Woods, The library Bromley by Bow, A monestary in Tonbridge Wells, Catford bus garage, the Vicarage holloway, Castlemorton, Torpedo town, Smeatharpe airstrip Somerset, Chobham Common, Alfold Surrey, Deptford, New Cross, in a park, Warehouse in Angel Rd Industrial estate, Squat in London Fields, The Dairy at Park Royal, Warehouse in Staines, FarM in Rhayyader Wales, Chippin Sodbury with Circus Warp, Pub in Hackney Wick. I will post more when/if they come back to me.

    • steve bedlam Says:

      WOW we need to speak as i didnt even remember that order and i squatted pretty much every venue on that list.. you are my lost memory.. well done

  14. Glenn Says:

    That party at the school was @ Rotherfield, Kent… mad party that one… do you remember the 2 lonely pc’s who tried to stop it… they ran away and came back with about 20 meatwagons from memory!

  15. Ben Says:

    I rember park royal real great atmosphere and stains near a garage the police came came and waited outside also a farm near rickmansworth we used to drink with dave bedlam?? At the rabbits on London fields
    Anyone rember who organised the party’s around Oxford went to a great one near an army base

  16. steve bedlam Says:

    such nice memories. the library was one of the most iconic and legendary parties we did. i still tip my cap everytime i pass it.. cant say i remember the guy pissing tho but didnt mean it didnt happen..

  17. Anonymous Says:

    What can I say? They don’t make them like that any more!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    It was definitely Bromley-by-Bow library as I was there. It was a crazy and slightly dangerous old building with glass dropping out of the ceiling panels when the bass got too loud.

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