Positive Sounds sound system

Just a quick post this time. Somehow I never came across the Positive Sounds soundsystem at the time, but I certainly heard about them later on, and I believe I saw the latest incarnation of their rig a few years ago at a snowboarding event (not 100% sure about this one).

However, I have hung around in Brighton, town of perpetual slackers/students/house parties/Ovingdean/Rottingdean beach parties/ reggae / Essential Festival etc etc, so I have a vague idea that Positive Sounds raves were really rather top 🙂

Today I stumbled across a link to this article on Positive Sounds and how they started:


on this blog:


(well worth a read, loads of relevant/interesting stuff on there).


3 Responses to “Positive Sounds sound system”

  1. theacidhouse Says:

    thanks for that….although I did not live in Brighton back then….it’s nice to read about the scene ……..although I did go to one party in Plumpton back in 1992…wish I had a camera back in those days ….SCENES!!

  2. Mr_Mark Says:

    Having lived on and off in Brighton for many years and having been a regular at DiY events, here there and everywhere, the Positive partys were also great.

    In fact they did a couple of DiY nights at the Concorde (new).

    Still, it was on the Sussex Downs, Plumpton, Brighton Seafront, Chichester and warehouses where we had the most fun, still remember the 6 AM seaside sets from Dave Mothersole.

    DJs included, the Wiggle lot, Eddie Richards (The Don), Terry Francis, Nathan Coles, Dave Mothersole.
    Not forgetting the Positive lot, themselves:- Simon Atkinson, DJ Mee, Stu Cooke, Magnus Asberg and soundsystem head honcho Darren.

    You would have seen them at a snowboarding event, big white and black speakers with a star, they used to a lot of these.

    Happy Daze :).

    freepartypeople says: Aaaah, didn’t realise they were affiliated with the Wiggle lot. Used to go to some parties that were connected to that bunch (Mad Hatter’s/Heart and Soul/Wax Club/Woolwich Pavilion etc). And good that you confirmed the snowboard thing. I remember it was an amazing-sounding rig 🙂

  3. Mr_Mark Says:

    Indeed, great sound, 16K handbuilt – bloody heavy to lug around tho!

    Other DJs of note that played, at the time, prior to the End, were Mr C and Mathew B.

    A lot of regulars from Heart and Soul used to come down back in the day, never went to one unfortunately.

    I was spending a lot of time in the South West, at the time, enjoying DiY and Lazyhouse.

    I suppose you know about the DiY party planned for September, that will be one to watch for, now wheres my Zimmer frame!!

  4. Darren Kis Says:

    just found this page. I was the founder of positive 🙂 http://www.positivesounds.com/

    we’re back this year with a 20th anniversary party email info@positivesounds.com to get on the mailing list.


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