31st December 1992/1st January 1993 New Year’s Eve: DiY/Eze Love free party in Bath, Avon

This report was sent to me (together with lots more) by Mark (mharridge) aaaaaaaages ago. Thanks Mark, and sorry it took so long!

UPDATE: Here’s a tape of the party, in 2 halves, enjoy!



Incidentally, this party belongs to the long list of great parties I never made it to. Some of my friends went and had a whale of a time. Anyway, here’s Mark’s account of the night:

New Years Eve daytime having a smoke at Holmer’s house with Mr Wyer and one other(?) plans were made to head for the party that night Bath way. I called two other mates, Woody and Spence, and the mission was on. So, after waiting for Woodie to finish his washing up shift 😉 at the Jade restaurant we set off just after 11pm in Spencer’s white 405.

Before long we were hammering down the m5 and come 12pm the obligatory champagne made its appearance. After a quick refuel, we set off again reaching the party around 2am(?). Anyone who was out that night will remember it was absolutely freezing! The party though was in full swing and I remember being impressed by the t-shirted and sweaty bodies inside the marquee compared to the freezing people outside.

We soon realised that there werent any E’s on site – or so we were told and decided to plump for some hash and acid instead. This we did, scoring off a nice little ice cream van parked nearby. The night passed in acid, champagne and slate confusion and the rising sun showed the whole area to be wreathed in fog which was confusing many people by the looks of it. We made the brave decision to go and try and dance so after Spencer’s neatky executed 3 point turn and a close encounter with a large hairy pig we were inside the tent. All I remember is dancing with a insane grin on what appeared to be a 45 degree slope. Anyway, a good time was had by all 🙂


15 Responses to “31st December 1992/1st January 1993 New Year’s Eve: DiY/Eze Love free party in Bath, Avon”

  1. Jez Says:

    I it was a truly great night……..
    i remember having a few portions of rhubarb and custard there, along with many other delights from the buffet……..
    shit yes it was cold….a frosty free party for sure…..
    but what a time….i remember helping to put a hat around ‘penny for the genny squire?’ and loads a people who been out clubs/pay raves and had left were puttin in fivers etc………
    dont remember the 45 deg slope…..but hey……
    downloadin your mp3s of the night….thanx for the memoryies….got any more??
    mrrrjez x

  2. Anonymous Says:

    no problem Jezz, glad youre enjoying the mp3s..! The 45 degree slope was only in my mind, it just felt that way.. Got a few more mp3’s yeh, what are you after?

  3. mark Says:

    A couple more mixes from this party..

    mr mulatto http://www.divshare.com/download/5440743-cc7

    digs n whoosh http://www.divshare.com/download/4638237-c99


  4. whizzy Says:

    thanks you guys you have no idea how happy you have made me i have
    been looking for these recording for years i did have them but you know how it is lent them to a friend and well you know that was the last i saw of them. thanks again.:)

  5. dogbear Says:

    So glad i found these, the eze love parties were the best. Thanks to Mark. Anyone got any more MP3s? I’d love to get hold of some of the Shane/Jamie ones again – what about DiY Jack in Plymouth ’92? Everleigh – what a party that was

  6. Alex Newman Says:

    OMFG I have been trying to get hold of mixes from this party for ever, I can’t believe it. These were mix tapes that got seriously played to death! 🙂 I’m guessing Spence from eze love might just still have all the original DATs? (along with all kinds of other amazing mix tapes), but I lost touch with him years ago. Anyone help me out here? alex [ at ] pxr8.com

  7. Stuey Says:

    I enjoyed this party but i was barely there! We set out from Cirencester at 8pm and the fog meant it took ages to get to the party, we sat uncomfortably in the pub nearby for a while and then sat in someones black cab for a quick spliff before meeting our other mates in the field. I’d bought some green dayglo’s from a mate, he said they weren’t strong so i necked three. There was a lack of drugs at the party and i remember my mates fretting about it, i didn’t care. I remember the massive trails from the shooting stars that i saw but i was too scared to go near the tent and only managed to walk round it. I was hallucinating and saw a bus load of pigmy people combing their long hair, that freaked me out and i went back to a car and sat in it smoking spliffs until i eventually lost my sight in a haze of rainbows and clouds. The sunrise came and the police were knocking on the car door, i got out oblivious to the scene with a big spliff made with those multi-coloured skins. A young officer offered to bust me to his boss (chief inspector of the avon police) but he said ‘no don’t bother’. I said ‘morning’ and got back in the car. I remember two girls coming round collecting money for the party and the bucket was full of money. The farmer was also quite impressive, tall in his blue bolier suit and huge crook – seemed like some kind of mystical shamen figure at the time! I was on the edge, pretty far gone – it was a fantastic party and listening to the tapes for months afterwards confirmed that and kept the vibe going. Now when i listen to the mixtapes of this party it all comes back (especially the digs & woosh posted above). Great Days!

  8. Dan Says:

    I just about remember leavig the Lakota in Bristol at 2am and arriving at about 3am.

    Funniest thing was new years day lunchtime in the pub up the road – full of raving mad people, local landlord did not know if he should laugh or cry.

    New years in Amsterdam a few years later not nearly as crazy

  9. whizzzy Says:

    hi all,found some diy party stuff out there so here is.
    will add more soon enjoy. 😉

  10. Electric Boomtown Says:

  11. whizzzy Says:


  12. HardCore Bob Says:

    Was this Party in a Big White Marque on a farm , not far from the M4 motorway?

    If i was i got there in the early hours and there was hardly anything to eat and hadn’t been all night.

    Loads of familiar faces there dancing ,but every one was un aided. it was definatley DIY.

  13. tomjporter Says:

    Hey! could anyone give me the location of this party? I am a Bristol based photographer making a project about free parties and want to take photos of the places here they happened! tomjporterphoto@gmail.com

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