31st December 1992/1st January 1993 New Year’s Eve: Spiral Tribe free party in Uxbridge, London

freepartypeople says:

Thanks again to Amino Clang for another wonderful Spiral Tribe party report:

It was New Year’s Eve and it was already late when we left Dorset. The drive up to London was full of techno (the driver had a new mix tape from Aztek), but quite quiet and quite calm really. I had been wearing my “Lazer Spex” (y’know those glasses that makes everything look like it is surrounded by rainbows?) all the way and so when we finally found the car park where the convoy was gathering I was already in the zone.We were still in the car at midnight, so I dropped my pill there and then (well we were almost there and it was New Year’s). When we got to the party I stumbled out of the car, split a trip with a mate and wobbled off into the warehouse past some big lookin’ fellers who were trying to get money off munters, I don’t think I ever paid a penny, but then again I can almost guarantee that I didn’t have any!

What a venue! It was a nice big warehouse full of people, PLENTY of bass and quite a lot of UV light. I walked straight up to the front of the room and I knew we had made it because there were hundreds of Spiral Tribe stickers stuck up behind the decks (the ones with a big smiley SP23 face givin’ it double peace signs). Ah, home at last!

We found a spot and settled down to a hard night at it. Most of my night was spent dancing, juggling, wandering about with a lighter in one hand and a Vicks inhaler in the other, my Lazer Spex never came off, my smile never left my face and I spent a wonderful night wobbling about meeting new people, grinning and raving (“Alright mate? What’s your name? Where you from? What you on?” – I blame these years for the major troubles I have trying to remember people’s names). The night is still a bit of a blur for me to be honest, but that was just the way it was!

In the morning (well the sun had come up anyway) I have a few more lucid memories:

1. I remember sitting watching one of the lights as it shone on the wall trying to work out how it made the patterns that it made. I don’t think I ever really got it, but I do remember that there was an oil projector (totally 60’s psychedelia man!) and a crazy sort of spirally light that made patterns a little bit like a spirally spider on the wall.

2. I remember really getting into dancing when there was a bit more space on the dancefloor in the morning. I remember being absolutely wiped out, but the driving beats just kept coming and no matter how much I wanted to sit down, the music just kept me going. The more I danced the more energy I found and the more ferociously I danced. The music was fuckin’ bangin’ and I think it was a female DJ with a skinhead who was playing the most mental hardcore industrial techno you could get (my personal favourite).

3. I remember lots of people coming up to me and saying “See you at the next one mate”, “Lovely to meet you”, etc. I swear that I did not recognise any of these people, but I had been quite the friendly raver the night before, so I just politely said “Bye then!” and went about my raving.

4. I remember rumours flying about the place about somebody firing a gun. Don’t know if this is true because I certainly never saw it, but I heard the rumours.

5. I remember eventually being told that we were leaving. I have never been very good at leaving a party and despite my protests and my general lack of understanding I got into the car and off we went (“But why do we have to leave?”).

About 7 years after this party I met my girlfriend (of 9 year now) and the reason we first got together is because we discovered that we had both attended this same Spiral Tribe party and possible even met each other or at least saw each other or raved next to each other. Neither of us remembers the other one, but Spiral Tribe definitely brought us together… almost 10 years after the party.

Her story is considerable more cosmic than mine (involving missing lifts, missing the last bus home, having no money at all, but finding a purse with enough for a bus fare in it, meeting up with some strangers who were going and eventually making it to the party. I will try to get her to write it up, but no promises).


5 Responses to “31st December 1992/1st January 1993 New Year’s Eve: Spiral Tribe free party in Uxbridge, London”

  1. smoot Says:

    I thought Spiral Party was at Camden roundhouse on NYE

    freepartypeople says:

    That was ’91/’92, check out this excellent page of pics from that night on Spiral’s own website:

    http://www.spiral-tribe.org/understand/page10.html 🙂

  2. smoot Says:

    Just realised I had the wrong year. OOps

  3. HoneyVandal Says:

    I remember the staircase behind the stage being well creaky and dark, music was Hardcore! I also was upstairs chatting to people on the balcony, it was a really good vibe, totally filthy and falling apart – Yes a gunshot sounds familiar…. I didn’t want to leave and finally sat across the road at the texaco garage watching the debris & carnage.

  4. youth72 Says:

    OMg I remember this night, huge van load of us came up from dorset, and I remember arriving outside roundhouse at midnight and everyone was dancing on top of their cars. Spiral was amazing but remember being a tad freaked out venturing to the ‘ladies’ for a wee, horror tales of guns n knives after but had an amazin time : )

  5. fin Says:

    I went to this rave, i vaguely remember that the tribe’s xmas pressies that were stored in the building were nicked, can’t remeber how we found that out might been said on the mic or something, wicked party and at the time i didnt realise what a special place we were getting cabbaged in, something ill tell my kids about when their older. If only we could party like that nowadays hey people.

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