NYE 1994/95: Smokescreen ‘Old Skool’, Sheffield

Never went to any Smokescreen parties, didn’t actually get to hear about them until afterwards. From what I understand they were northern and fun and er… that’s about it. It’s worth mentioning that there were hundreds of crews up and down the country who put local parties on on a regular basis and never got any credit, and plenty of them didn’t even have a name.. I digress, here’s a report from Mharridge (who also contributed some other reports, thanks again Mharridge 🙂 )

New Years Eve again and the obligatory free party was in full effect. A nice little group of friends headed up the M1 in 2 or 3 cars towards Sheffield. Agtain the customary 12pm champagne stop was observed before heading into Sheffield City Centry – literally – where Smokescreen had aken charge of a squatted school for the night. After walking through the playground I felt somewhat responsible when no music was heard instead coming across a couple of young lads playing chess next to a little portable stereo in a doorway. Undeterred we persevered and lo and behold walking through the next doorway into the lunch hall I was hit with a wall of sound and colour. From that point on the next 8 hours were a total loss to me. The DJ’s were conveniently placed in the kitchen and were accessible through the food serving hatch Dhehe.
Smokescreen played there renowned bass heavy house dub and a great night was had by all. I don’t know where the drugs came from but they were certainly good – I had to be dragged away from getting a little too friendly with an older woman – thanks Woodie. As well as the main room there was a side room (I think) and various other rooms upstairs which I learnt a lot of my friends had retired to. We eventually left the party gone 8am as usual and I gingerly.. made my way back across the 45 degree playground to our parked car, slap bang in the middle of a residential housing estate. I later found out that about a week later the school was set alight before being vacated by its present occupants 😉


5 Responses to “NYE 1994/95: Smokescreen ‘Old Skool’, Sheffield”

  1. Mark (mharridge8787) Says:

    I have a ‘Lazyhouse’ tape but I cant be sure of its origin. Its mostly late 80’s chicago house. I went to a party in a squat in Bloxham near Banbury, Warks on NYE 93/4 (i think) which I was told afterwards was a lazy house party… but having just learnt they were based in Exeter this seems unlikely. Was anybody there??

  2. Arsphish Says:

    I also attended that same party – think I stopped a bit later tho…..I remember the car park being at least 278 degrees. That was way back when – I belive Alex (my fave old dj from Smokescreen) was playing at some point, although, I have to admit, my memory is a little vague about the event. I do remember it being so hot and sweaty that the thick stone walls were soaked in condensation, as I discovered when I leaned against one

  3. Arsphish Says:

    I also think it is ipmortant to clarify that the occupants at the time were not the ones who set alight to it. There were families including several children squatting in the empty school at the time that an unknown arsonist decided that they did not want these sort of people living there. I was not one of the occupants but closely followed smokescreen at that time. I know that sometimes squatters are seen as unwelcome, but the method of “eviction” in this case was inhuman as well as potentially murderous. They were normal human beings living in the school.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Tanks for the reply Arsphish.. Youre the first one to clarify the party actually happened. You know how it is..
    Glad you cleared up the arson issue, i read/heard about it some time later andput 2 and 2 together. It was a great night and like all good nights passed by in a flash!

  5. unserobre Says:

    True words, some truthful words man. Thanx for making my day!!

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